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Falklands and graveyards.

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 35yrs • M •
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Falklands and graveyards.

I'm using this article to drop in some back story.
Several months ago, argentine starting obsessing over the Falklands. They claimed that the Falklands should be theirs... and not the UK's. the UK said that no... the Falklands is their... and then a diplomatic showdown started. The peak of the event came about when Prince William went the to Falklands in a "training exercise". But afterwards... everything got toned down. Everything seemed to be quiet for the past few months...

Until this happened.

I don't care who you are. I don't care what nationality you are or what loyalties you have... you NEVER desecrate a cemetery. Those people died fighting for what they believed in and they deserve to be honored because they had the guts and the will to stand up for something. Its important to note that it is not known who were the perpetrators. Were they british? Were they argentinians? Were they something else? Were they sponsored to do this or were they acting independent? Was it one, or were they multiple? I used "they" here but it could have been just one drunk teenager... or it could have been something staged by a government or an organization to reheat tensions.

Either way. I am just expressing my disgust towards such actions.

I guess this topic has 2 lines of inquiry really.

1. What do you think about the Falklands and the tensions it raised between the UK and Argentina? I personally think Argentina should stfu and mind its own business. Then again... the UK is not doing very well as it is either. Though if it ever comes to down to a conflict, the UK will win, hands down.

2. What are your opinions over cemeteries and their sanctity. I find that cemeteries are holy ground and like a religious institution, deserve to be protected against all aggression by all people, regardless of religion. I find that there is no reason what so ever to destroy a cemetery, conceal a burial ground or anything of the sort. And yes, I do say this in regards to controversial graves and people. I find that any nation which hides from the fear or a ghost is a nation that begs to be haunted for eternity.

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Falklands and graveyards.
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