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Why do you think people can have psychic abilities?

User Thread
 45yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that Beuphemia is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Why do you think people can have psychic abilities?
I wasn't sure if to put this in the theories & philosophy thread or this one, but I want to know if, why, and who thinks that psychic abilities are possible.

I have always had my little experiences with what seemed to be kinda psychic. Thinking about someone before they call or thinking I even heard the phone ring then a minute later it does. But this type of thing can be explained by the nature of randomness which I get to in a sec.

When I was a teen one of my peers was stricken by schizophrenia but did not have the support to treat it and ended up homeless if not for his pals letting them crash with them. He ended up being killed by a train while crossing the tracks. The newspapers said it was a suicide because bystanders reported seeing him kneel in front of the train, but he told me otherwise. I think.

I had not even heard about the death yet. I was taking a nap and I dreamed that I got a call from him. He said to me listen, I need you to hear me because I want everyone to know that it was an accident. I had my headphones on plus you know I had been out of it. I didn't realize the train was coming... after that I was awaken by the phone ringing. One of our friends telling me the news.

Does this mean dead people can talk to us? I never had that happen before or after that so I'm skeptical even so.

Thinken' of someone right when they call and other coincidences can easily been explained by the nature of randomness. How many times do I think of people and they don't call. I remember when they do because of the coincidence which makes it seem psychic when its really just me taking too much stock in random shit.

Cant really rationalize the dead kid dream tho. Maybe someone has some insight on that but for now I'm stuck with thinking if you are close enough to someone right when they die maybe they can transmit some energy that can be picked up on some how. I told my older sister about it at the time and she told me shit like that happened to her quite a few times before. She never said anything about that before because when she told people when she was young they didn't believe her so she don't bother talking bout it. But since I had the experience she shared. She is a pretty down to earth person and is really matter of fact about it. Cant explain it beyond what she has experienced and don't try. We just shrug our shoulders about it.

But all that is not why am posting this thread. I was watching some testimony in that Casey Anthony murder trial. There was a detective on the stand talking about why his team was looking for her kid's remains in a location weeks before they actually found them there. They said they were following up on a psychic tip that the child's body was dumped there. They searched and search and did not find the body at that time. It's not certain if they just missed it or if it was not there yet because the forensics only show that the body was there about that long give or take a week.

Based on what is known though, the person who gave the tip was either the person who dumped or would be dumping the body there... or it was a psychic that picked up on where the body was or would be dumped. Not sure yet if it the psychic call was an anonymous tip or not. That information would narrow the discussion a bit, but what do you think?

Have you ever had experiences that seemed extra sensory in some way? Do you accept them as such or find more logical explanations for it?

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 46yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I think its simply a natural sensory perception.

However use appears to be heavily influenced by, belief, intent, varying mixtures of focus and lack of focus.

Plus affects like calcified glands, societal suppression, openness etc.

And in case you haven't seen this, I relate an experience of mine here.

An important subject matter to me.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
 42yrs • F •
If the plane of existence has rippled based on emotions, or intense focused consciousness, it's possible to me that people can sometimes sense these peaks and valleys.

I really like that description, like it wraps the phenomena accurately.

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"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
 36yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Theory is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I beleive that some may have the abilitys to sence such fenominon but others are just vary good at advanced math and can work out the proberbilities And make an inteligent guess. I don't beleive in psychic readings as they are just very good at Reading people and how often do they try to contact a relative and scream "O my god he's burning in hell" lol

I've read about a few different ways to advance your mind into becoming psychic and have a freind who's been sun gazing for a year and claims he is now psychic (his world is in sync and never has to wait for busses or trains as he gets to the stop or platform it arrives" 

But I have had a few very weired dreams similar to you, the worst was I awoke with an intese pain in my abdomen asif I had been shot or stabbed and my freinds name running through my mind... I was not fully consious but having a form of sleep paralysis, I lay there for about ten minuets in aggony until eventually it stoped but I couldn't stop thinking about this... A week later to the day I was phoned by a freind and informed that zak (the freind who's name I was thinking of) had been shot in the stomach and died instantly in afghan. I felt so guilty that I didn't try to tell him but I suppose there was nothing I could of done as i don't beleive time can be re written. I tryed to tell people about this but most laughed it of or wasn't interested but I beleive I predicted his death and accepted some off his pain,

there is also alot of information online about shamans who had these abilitys in and around 10,000bc and it could be that thos who have experiance such fenominon are infact ancestors of these mystical whitch doctors.

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"We breathe natures breath until we are tired and layed to rest..."
 34yrs • M •
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you are right up to some extent but you know people have no significant reason how these randomness occurs

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"i will find it"
 46yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
There is an obvious conditioning that occurs, for so many to feel so comfortable writing things off as coincidence and so uncomfortable with there being potential meaning, shows a direct and strong bias that influence not only the public perception, but personal capability.

But it feels safer for those too worried about judgement. Yes, you don't want to be duped, but guess, what, blowing of psychic phenomena is you being duped and duping yourself.

There is a lot of hard core research being done, but mainstream mentalities are conditioned to treat it trivially, with condemnation, or various other underminings.

There is a natural and reasonal bias based on healthy skepticism and personal experience.

For those who have never experienced anything genuinely unquestionable, it makes sense to lean away.

And like my bias, which used to be to hope for but lean away, but now, given an event so blunt and powerful, I am left with no doubt.

But even still, I feel the effects of conditioning and old lingering doubts. As the truly profound experiences don't occur daily for me but peoples judgemental attitudes against such phenomena do.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
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 45yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that Beuphemia is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Just a little update on the mention of psychic tips in that court case before I respond. The investigators that searched the area the body was found weeks before it was found were actually private investigators hired by the grandparents and the psychic was referred to them by the grandmother. But the defense is saying that the death of the child was actually an accidental drowning that certain members of the family tried to cover up. This presents another side to psychic claims. Sometimes people make them knowing it is a lie to serve their own purposes.

Not to say this is evidence that psychic abilities are not possible but could be contributing to the mainstream disbelief of them. The fakes.

I wanted to open this discussion because I have always believed that psychic abilities are possible because of examples like I mentioned, but have also been reluctant to be certain wondering if I could be playing tricks with my own mind.

How certain am I now that I had the phone call about the death after I had the dream? Because it was not until the funeral that I told that story to my friends to tell them why I did not think it was a suicide. When I had the dream that the phone rang and the dead kid told me it was an accident I did get woken up by the phone actually ringing. It may have already been ringing. But I am not completely certain now if that is when I got the call about the death. I am not totally certain I did not know about the death before the dream because it has been 15 years now. This might have been a belief that developed when I told people about it later genuinely believing that is how it happened.

Another situation... I was away from my husband visiting family and had a dream that he was having an affair with one of my old childhood friends. A specific one who's face I could see clearly. It was a disturbing dream but they were no where near each other so I knew if he was doing something it was not with that person. Many months later he confessed to an affair. I met the woman once before the affair before the dream. It was very briefly and in the night and did not think I remembered it, but I did have a chance to collect some image of her face in my brain whether I remembered it or not. This is important because when I got home I saw a photo of her taken by my nieghbor at a block party (she was subleasing and apartment in our building) and she very much resembled the childhood friend I dreamed about.

At the time with no doubt about it I believed that my dream was a psychic awareness of what happened using the image of my old friend which was more prominent in memory. But guess what, I was to be away for 2 months and I was aware that this woman who I met once had rented in our building. She had a 4 year old daughter and my husband told me that he interacts with her. I was worried something would go on between the child's mom and my husband because it would not be the first time he had an affair.

Since I had seen the woman once before, the dream I had could have just been a manifestation of my own worry. But for years I was convinced it was something more than that. When I would tell the story to anyone I would leave out the part where I had seen the woman's face before. I think I wanted to believe my dream was more than just my own worry because I wanted to take some power back. He did that to me but I knew, I'm powerful!

Plus I used this dream to try and get my husband to confess it. Which only further locked in my belief that it was psychic proof and not just my worry. It did not work because he denied it and denied it until I had medical proof that he must have been with someone else because I had not, if you know what I mean please don't make me say it. Let's just say it was a good thing that I was pregnant and going to the obgyn regularly and it was curable.

These days I don't think it was a psychic dream at all. I think I just knew what kind of man he was and have good intuition. In my experience it is intuition on things that I do not want to face consciously that I will dream about.

It was reasonable to to intuit that he might get involved with her based on his track record in that area and the way he was talking about his interactions with them... knowing I would be away just about as long as they would be around. It was inevitable really, but I was pregnant and I didn't want to worry myself about it and I didn't want to argue with him about it because that would just send him that way even quicker so I repressed it and vuala! psychic power!

The last thing I want to do is discount any special abilities people can possess because believing I had been one of those people that can harness them made me feel special. But looking back on every experience I have had and knowing how superstitious and fantastical I used to be, I can't say that any of these experiences were not just instances of repressed common sense so I would not have to face reality and make better choices.

All that being said, I think human intuition in itself is a very powerful thing that need not be relegated to the extra sensory realm. I think it is a very real ability. When we don't respect our own intuition or choose not to trust it, it can and usually will manifest as something more dreamy.

The process I described is a different manifestation of the minds power than what Decius described. Meditation does not specifically address intuition I don't think.

While dreaming of things to come, whether its psychic ability or repressed intuition, meditation addresses a different power of the mind. It deals with harnessing the power of intention. There are two sides to that coin too.

Does the 4000 person group meditation spread the power of all those folks' intentions to the minds of everyone else in the area and thereby cause crime to decline? Or could it be that all those people meditating on the issue of reducing crime made them more conscious of it which affected their behavior in the community and attributed to more activities that subverted crime.

People being more mindful of crime, talking about it with others, being on the lookout more, media exposure to the event making criminals more conscious of their behavior resulting in them trying to be better people. Our thoughts without a doubt can determine our behavior, yes?

By this logic it seems to me that psychic premonitions can come from repressing conscious intuition and logic while meditation respects the conscious mind and proactively attempts to harness its power.

Perhaps regarding the power of our minds as and extrasensory ability that many deny and don't use is only contributing to the problem. If the power of our minds is easily harnessed by a conscious respect for what we can do with it, then talking about it like an untapped super power does a disservice to a very real and attainable use of full human potential. In other words, the power of our minds is not really even a power. It's the way it actually works and we distance ourselves from it by romanticizing about its power.

Iron- Do you think my approach here is an attempt to blow off psychic phenomena? I really didn't even intend to because I have always thought it possible because of my own experiences with it. But accidentally I seem to have ended up on another side of it having revisited some of my experiences here and now.

I am not trying to explain away my experiences it's just that lately, with distance from the emotional context of the situations, I can see it differently. Not discounting how my mind worked beyond my awareness of it, but no longer needing to view it as phenomenon either having recognized my former inability to face or see reality and how my mind dealt with that. A case where it's true I was not harnessing it's power but only because I was too busy playing games with it instead of actually using it.

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 46yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Do you think my approach here is an attempt to blow off psychic phenomena?

No, but I do sense the general resistance that most people have. I still have it to a degree as well.

On the point of randomness, its interesting, some of the best research on the power of intention has been measured with random number generators.

It was conclusively determined that intention affects seemingly random occurance. Even affecting past recordings of random number strings before intention was used to affect it.

I very much agree with your point that these "phenomena" are far more natural and normal than generally perceived. And that the resistance to it hampers it greatly. As well as over mystifying and making it seem unreal and unreachable.

There are very simplistic scientific analogies and notions that totally normalizes the entire concept.

I remember as a kid envisioning all moments of existance leaving an imprint. Since everything changes from moment to moment there would be an energetic record of all things from all time, and if you could just tune into it, you could potentially even witness it.

The concept of non linear time simply hurts my head. But is strongly advocated by theoretical physics. The only way I can simplify such a concept into acceptable parameters is to simply accept that nothing is set in stone, past, future, present.

I think at one point you missused intuition, or my understanding of its definition, with deductive logic. Even though they work together.

Which is another point. I don't think any of it, meditation, dreams, psychic phenomena, are as separate as you made it sound at one point.

Though I understand your point that repressed intuition can manifest as a potent psychic or dream lesson or event.

But all dreams are likely trips to other realms not yet understood. Its a bit of a tragedy that western society has been so lacking in dream research as something more substantial than a computer working out bugs through the night.

The above mentioned shamans of millinia ago actually still exist. And you don't have to be their offspring to unlock universal human potential.

Sure, you may be more proficient at labor, math, or psychic ability, but you have access to all. Barring exceptional circumstances.

For those looking for basic ways to enhance or unlock such potential, I recommend first and foremost addressing your attitude towards it. The more open, even if skeptical, but open to such ability is very important when trying to intentionally manifest psychic ability.

Besides excercises and health practices to activate such things as the pineal gland, which can be looked up and can be very helpful, they were for me.

The primary easy catalyst point to me, or for me, was dreams. A phenomena that we all experience, is obviously powerful in its degree of realism (usually when you are dreaming you think you are perfectly awake and react to the situation as basic reality).

But although we experience entire realities unknown, dreams are highly lacking in scientific or cultural understanding, and are often regarded as nothing of significance.

Whereas historically, societies (societies we often undermine as backwards and undeveloped in intellectual capacity) have revered and used dreams for all manner of things. But often respecting important messages in practical matters.

But the thing that seems to kick the door open for advancing psychic ability is inducing lucid dreams.

Becoming awake and aware in dreams to the point of knowing you are dreaming but in control, like Inception.

It is an amazing feeling and will blow your mind. Read a good book on the subject for interesting things to try while lucid dreaming, like asking people in the dream questions, to show you some of its true potential.

The instant I started some pineal gland excercises and attempting lucid dreams, I started getting specifically messaged dreams, prophetic seeming dreams, and indeed began lucid dreaming.

Pay attention to your dreams, someone is usually trying to tell you something.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
 45yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that Beuphemia is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
And like my bias, which used to be to hope for but lean away, but now, given an event so blunt and powerful, I am left with no doubt.

Did you describe this event already? If not, do tell. If so, refresh my memory.

I lucid dream often. My favorite is when I fly. Well actually I am always afraid to actually fly fly, but I can make myself levitate as high as I want to. I'm usually always showing people how I can do this kinda like... Yo, check this shit out! I like to make myself float mostly. Whenever I try to really hit the sky with it I am always too afraid. Even when I do it in a room with a high ceiling it freaks me out because sometimes the landing is more of a fall. And sometimes I rise up too fast. It's like I can activate it but I can't control it. Another thing I do in lucid dreaming is create places to explore. Change the color of the sky or add flowers in the field. Go from a mountain top to the beach. Another one has to do with fashion. I create all these outfits and can change my body to have the look I want. Make myself taller or have different hair styles. Oh yeah and sometimes I make people do what I want them to, specially boys. I dream a lot. I wake with a fresh dream in my mind just about every morning. I always attributed this to the fact that I very rarely have a quiet mind. I am constantly talking in my head all day. And usually if there is no dream I have a song that is the first thing that runs through my head upon waking. I sing a lot through out the day and listen to music all the time so there is always music in my head even when none is playing. But the strange thing is I don't recall there being much sound in my dreams. People in dreams communicate with me but I never see or hear them talking to me its more like I am thinking about what I want them to say. night dreaming is much like day dreaming for me, another thing I do throughout the day if I don't reign it in. Sometimes I get a little outrageous.


Pay attention to your dreams, someone is usually trying to tell you something.

Man, I have so many dreams it's ridiculous. I really don't know how I could ever really know what anyone is trying to tell me. I've had a new one lately where my care ends up in a stream but not in an accident, just becomes part of the earth and is rendered useless. It stresses me out. Other times the car ends up in some state of disarray like with no tires or doors. It's annoying because those are the dreams I don't realize I am dreaming until the end... then I'm relieved. The worst dream is the one where my teeth fall out. And they don't just fall out they like shatter into pieces where I pretty much have to spit them out. Prolly forgot to brush my teeth before bed. I recent one that was new had a strange animal. Eeeew just remembered... this is gross. I passed a parasitic worm out my bowels and I was none to pleased about it so I turned it into a zebra striped bird. I was like Aaaah, much better. I better quit. This could go on forever and if I disclose too much of my psyche someone might end up calling the FBI.

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 46yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Did you describe this event already? If not, do tell. If so, refresh my memory

Not in this thread, I provided a link in an above post to the thread where I do describe it. It was an out of body experience.

That is awesome to hear how well you can both remember your dreams and consistently lucid dream, you might be surprised at how many people can't or think they don't dream at all, which is just them not remembering.

The same goes for obe's. They are said to happen to us every night during certain dream phases but are either misconstrued as dreams or forgotten all together.

One of the concepts is that since you are in or interacting in a different energy based dimension, transferring the memory to the physical memory banks is difficult and as influenced as beliefs in or against psychic abilities. Again meaning that if you aren't aware of obe, lucid dreams, or other psychic phenomena then you will think its something else, not important, or just won't recall it because you don't believe in what is actually happening.

I highly recommend you find a good book on lucid dreams and obe's, which are supposedly nearly the same thing, but not quite.

But for the express puspose of you putting this ability to use. You will hear of ideas you may have never thought to try before.

Painting skies and altering environments in dreams is an excellent excercise, but it is only scratching the surface of potential.

For a couple of examples, like the above mentioned of talking to people in the dream, but elaborating. If you take it serious and truly want to evolve and grow, mentally, psychicly, emotionally. You would want to ask what a dream means, what is the most important lesson you need to learn in life right now, some will be mundane but useful, some will be profound.

Ask someone what they represent about you, as some are parts of your subconscious, but as an answer I have received before, some are not.

Ask who or what they are, be it people, animals, or objects. Ask if they are dreaming or if they know that you are or what dreams really are etc.

But you can call on things, guides, teachers, dieties.

Dreams are very symbolic. Like claims of telepathy, the concept is that masses of information are packed into symbolics that convey a multi-dimensional message. Its like trying to describe a moment in linear language, like a vivid memory, but instead of tedious one dimensional words that leave much to interpretation and can easily be confused or used out of context, and idea is exchanged as if you are experiencing an event symbolically often with all sensory data from all senses and with deep, complex, and multi level understanding.

You bring up a good point that I forgot to mention.

This type of dream work has many benefits, some obvious, some speculative, some cryptic or unseen.

But among the most important and powerful experiences is to face and overcome fears. Again, many will be symbolic, a key here is to trust your intuition and feelings about what the fear represents, what the things scaring you might mean.

Be it fear of flying, as you mentioned, or a beast, or strange event like you passed, uh, thing.

Some can be warning of health issues of yours or loved ones. I've heard of the teeth experience from many books and people, its actually kind of common and often health or fear related. Again, examine your feelings and the first thought that comes to mind of what it means or represents to you. Don't let anyone ever tell you what it means definitively, but listen to what it meant to them. You have to trust yourself, its often you, your subconscious, or someone of importance to you (whether you know they are out there watching over you or not) trying to warn of or teach you something.

The basic rule of thumb in facing fears is to remember first that you are dreaming and virtually completely safe and all powerful, have confidence in yourself, your power, and that the fear exists to teach you and help you.

Be it a past trauma that fractured your psyche or spirit, or a representation of a negative part of your personality, or a way you harm others by judgement or fear of them.

So if it is a creature or person attacking you, you want to generally find the courage to not run away, to face it, and not necessarily passively let it attack you (though shamanic tradition shows great benefit in an animal and or people ritualistically killing, dismembering you and putting you back together improved). But face it, if you have the opportunity, ask it what it means or represents, what you are supposed to learn.

If it doesn't answer or speak or give you the chance, again, a basic rule of thumb is to accept it, forgive it, and offer it unconditional love, embrace it. It will often change into something less threatening and even be absorbed into you. Leaving you feeling greatly empowered and energized even once awake.

This is free therapy at work, on all levels.

But there are all kinds of fascinating ideas and places to explore. But taking it more seriously is a good first step. Understanding that dreams aren't nonsense is important.

I have found in my lucid dreams, which lately I've had a hard time doing at all, but, going through certain doors or portals have very strong affects.

There are boundaries, like channels on a tv or radio that require further tuning and this is a common means. This can transport you into a completely different environment, but often more than just that, the entire feel of things can be different and even more solid, or less, but this would be a way to explore other dimensions in theory.

I have even jumped into a refrigerator, ended up in a blank space for a moment, only to end up in a boat with a gnome looking guy who when I asked him to say something profound or important started jabbering away but I couldn't hear him well before I awoke.

When something like that happens, where you can't hear or see well, calling out for improved sight or hearing is said to be helpful, almost like tech support

But from attempts to speak with dead friends or relatives, sessions for guided psychic development, exploration of other dimensions or even places within this one, to healing yourself or others, the possibilities are literally limitless.

And just like the placebo effect, what you believe to be beneficial, real, or even detrimental or fake, will generally be or come true.

This is why I discourage doubt and encourage trust in your intuition and feelings. We make this reality, this is as close to proven as anything. We intend reality into our beliefs. Its a collective process on one level and a completely personalized individual process on another, but all are connected and influence eachother to some degree.

With your christian leanings, try to speak to angels, jesus, god, ask for guidance, love, give and offer the same, and you might be surprised by what happens.

Ya, and check out my experience, that is truly taking lucid dreaming to the next level. Have you ever had an out of body experience that you are aware of, or even unsure but think you might have?

I hope this is helpful to getting you thinking and perhaps productive in your dreams, don't squander that gift, but don't be afraid to have fun and goof off as well. Finding happiness in all things is extremely healthy and important.

So have fun with it but push your boundaries and explore, let nothing hold you back, I'm excited to hear of your adventures, feel free to continue sharing past lucid dream experiences as well.

Keeping this frame of mind and focusing on this subject matter more consistently helps me and others generate experiences, out of sight out of mind you know, and vice versa.

Thank you for sharing by the way.

Oh, are your avatar picks of you or someone else? I find it hard to believe that they are of a 35 year old woman as your age indicator indicates

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that dbh is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I have had a number of experiences which would fall under the rubric of "synchronicity". Sometimes they seem very meaningful to me as though the universe or God is sending me a message and sometimes they seem meaningless, so I don't know what to make of that.

Two Examples

My wife and I were in therapy with a psychiatrist named Dr. Greenfield. We were having a discussion about some issue and we said, "What would Dr. Greenfield say about this?" Our 9 year old daughter piped up and said "You guys are turning into "GreenHecks." (Our last name is Heck). We thought that was clever. But later that day I walked into a warehouse and found pallets of many cartons from a company called GREENHECKS. It would seem to me that the chances of this happening by random chance would be infinitesimally small. But it made me feel like I had been tapped on the shoulder and told that we were going in the right direction.

On the other hand, just recently I was reading a murder mystery in which the policeman who was the main character interviewed David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam. The same day I was watching an old rerun of SEINFELD which had a reference to Son of Sam in it. Again, seemingly small chance of random coincidence - but it means absolutely nothing to me in terms of anything important or significant. I could recount any number of experiences of this sort, both meaningful and not. I don't understand it, but I still take heart when something seems to speak to me and I laugh when I realize that the universe is meaningful except when it isn't.

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 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that dbh is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Yes, absolutely. I take heart when something speaks to me and enjoy the wierdness when the synchronicity seems totally random. Anyway you look at it it's wonderful.

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 45yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that Beuphemia is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Iron. I have taken note of all your dreaming exercises and will do, all sounding like an effective way to put them (my dreams) to good use.

As per your suggestions you said,

This is free therapy at work, on all levels.

I would say so... that's all psycho therapy with professionals is. Them asking you to ask yourself things so why not talk to the dream people. It's free and more interesting!

But taking it more seriously is a good first step. Understanding that dreams aren't nonsense is important.

never thought they were nonsence, but I will take more seriously being as how I have so many of them.

I have found in my lucid dreams, which lately I've had a hard time doing at all

try taking 5mg of melatonin at bedtime. Its a vitamin you can get at any pharmacy. You have probably heard of it. I get insomnia so I take that to help me stay on schedule sometimes. Always dream more when I do because it helps you get and stay in REM all night long.

But from attempts ]...[to healing yourself or others, the possibilities are literally limitless.

That reminded me of a dream I had about my brother's girlfriend. I was telling her in the dream to check on her father, that she needed to look out for him because something was up with him and she is the only one that can help. So I called her that same morning and told her that in real life and she was shocked because she had just found out he was in the hospital because of heart problems. Turns out he was not taking the issue very seriously but because of my dream she stayed on him to follow-up with the doctors and got lots of tests where they eventually discovered the problem that would likely have killed him if he didn't keep going. Turns out she is the only one in the family that could get him to do something like that because of their relationship, which I did not know. So that is one intuitive dream I have had that definitely was not produced from my own psyche so you are absolutely justified when you...


discourage doubt and encourage trust in your intuition and feelings


With your christian leanings, try to speak to angels, jesus, god, ask for guidance, love, give and offer the same, and you might be surprised by what happens.

I have been surprised many times about prayer. I pray for other people all the time and they usually get what I ask for them. Sometimes really incredible stuff like my friend got his DUI cased dismissed by a whole bunch of things lining up perfect to make it possible. One even more crazy story involving my dad that i wont get into right now... So yeah I would agree that we can

intend reality into our beliefs.

Have you ever had an out of body experience that you are aware of, or even unsure but think you might have?

No, I don't think so. Waking from C-section surgery was the closest thing, but that was just more like not knowing who I was or that I just had a baby removed for a few minutes.

I hope this is helpful to getting you thinking and perhaps productive in your dreams

Mos def, I will not squander, shall explore, and will share on your lucid dreams thread.


Thank you for sharing by the way.


Oh, are your avatar picks of you or someone else? I find it hard to believe that they are of a 35 year old woman as your age indicator indicates

That's me and from this year. Always had a baby face growing up and its working out really well for me now. At 23 people always said I looked 15 so I'm psyched now to have 30+ wisdom w/ mid-20s looks!

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 52yrs • M •
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Have you ever had experiences that seemed extra sensory in some way? Do you accept them as such or find more logical explanations for it?

And Both, logical and unorthadox connections... explaining it to me....

so much covered here.. I may be prone to repetition... not my style

suffice it to say that there is a familial or great genetic connection which leads to the potential for psychic mystic abilities.... and by degree some are more aware than others

then there are those that are not merely aware, but get to interract

like dreaming versus lucid dreaming

there are rarely real schools for developing these thoughts techniques what have you...

usually the school of thought comes down a family line...

unlike most of the charletans... i'll tell you of a certainty that it doesnt' depend on belief... real power doesnt require you to believe in it to be affected

the truth doesn't need me to stand up

the truth stands on its own
as do i.

there are rules to the game... unfortunately most people who study the mystic end up like fans at a concert... not the performers

call it politics - if you do indeed display an aptitude for the mystics... you'll be noticed and approached in different ways all your life by some with the truth who would love to recruit an unallied adept.

kinda like a genius gets noticed by schools and thinktanks

certain aspects of their lives become easier... but the intention of the organized is to plug the genius into their end game, or designs, like a battery...

most don't learn that they can express their genius as a free agent without offending anyone

thats how i'd describe a natural adept or sensitive person in the mystic world

a battery that can plug their power into any system without offending any of the gods...

people tend to fear the hell out of them... asking them for things is like making a wish with a genie.. never know what the cost will be but there will be a cost

my only advice is to watch closely your intentions...

when you intend a thing for yourself you will have to pay
when someone asks you for a thing they will have to pay

the greater the request.... you know.

email me privily and i'll run you some info and leave it at that... once your aware and awake... there's no going back to sleep but a great sense of acceptance will overcome your life...

once a petal falls from the flower it doesn't return to the flower

once enlightend there is no return...

there are politics at play... so your current philosophy is like choosing a side ahead of time... it's a consideration - i nearly took out my own mother by not minding my thoughts when i was angry at her...

no shit... this is recent... ne.wayz...

people still carded me for water when i was 30 ha'....
good luck with the baby face

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"\\\"The Empty Vessel Makes The Most Noise\\\" - Shakespear"
 46yrs • M
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I know when I use the loaded term belief in this context I'm really looking for a proper term.

Whatever best describes knowledge that you can do something. Whereas the opposite is doubting and or simply not doing, yes, even sheer unawareness.

But like your analogy of standing, if you didn't think you could or didn't try vs. doing. And overcoming negative reinforcement brought on by failed attempts that often lend one to "believe" they can't.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
Why do you think people can have psychic abilities?
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