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What are you AFRAID OF most in a dark forest late at night?

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 33yrs • F •
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What are you AFRAID OF most in a dark forest late at night?
What are you AFRAID OF most in a dark forest late at night?
what is the least you would like to see or happen to you? Is there sth you would like to see there? Have you had a real experience with dark forests? Sounds, smells? I really want to know!

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""This suspence is terrible, I hope it will last" Oscar Wilde"
 39yrs • F •
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I'm surrounded with wild forrests where i'm living right now. I spend most of my day hiking, discovering the place. last time i walked for around three hours under the sun till i reached a left behind archeological site, the feeling was good but physicaly i was drained and there was a bird of prey roaming right above my head in circles . eh i know thats not the point.
The night ufff it's a whole different experience, theres an immense feeling to it. trees, flowers and grass are no more caressed by the wind but whispered some secrets to. everytime i try to get deeper in the forrest at night. it does scare the shit out of me but its when i feel awake, all my senses alert, i start noticing each sound, each movement(plants ). My rabbits grave is way within the forrest, i went there at night only once with a friend. i have a flat stone just near my place thats where my comfort zone ends, i usualy watch the stars. too many satellites up there. what i'm afraid of? the darkness of me and getting killed by the one of somebody else. animals i trust

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What are you AFRAID OF most in a dark forest late at night?
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