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The True Religion? - Page 7

User Thread
 54yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that Patrish is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
OK, I am surrounded by men, so naturally you mistake my femaleness for male. That's ok, been told I have a strong mind, and supposedly that is a masculine trait.

Now, will you respect me in the morning?

Ok, Okcity, beg to understand your 13th apostle...

Because Paul was the one who took the place of Judas, or so I have always heard....

Than again, maybe I was BOY WATCHING in class. j/k j/k

So, who was the 12th b4 Paul??

If I am not mistaken, Matthew was also one who preached to the per why his scriptures are more mild.....

Luke spoke also to the gentiles....and so Paul, and Peter were certainly not alone in their works,....just they wrote more.

Actually, the Orthodox church broke off the Universal church.
They remained almost in constancy, but the Orthodox church had emperors for addition to bishops.

Where as leaders such as emperors were opposed to the Papacy. The Papacy, however, is the leader as per Christ of His church on earth, so ya have to believe that although one followed the east, the other the west, that the break off, tho unfortunate, occured because of leadership disagreements. Go figure.

So you had two churches. One under the law (jewish) and one under grace (gentile).

The confusion is that you might believe there were 2 seperate forms of religion. Although again, several churches, but all following the one church....
The styles of preaching were different.
They had full intent to convert the jews, because they were the choosen ones, and they were supposed to preach to them 1st, and then the gentiles...etc etc

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"Life is full of lemons, and the lemonade is sweet."
 69yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that cturtle is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Jesus chose 12 apostles. The number is obviously important, because they had to replace Judas (and they did). Later on here comes Paul who is now the 13th apostle? Seems kinda fishy to me.

Nice point OkCity:
During His earthly walk,Jesus had to take the disciples aside to explain what He was doing or saying. they didn't comprehend!
Likewise we read the Acts & Epistles (sp) that having access to the Holy Spirit did not exclude them from error. These letters were written to give instructions about errors in the way (misconceptions).
As pointed out the remaining apostles felt that they should choose a replacement by chance of the draw. Lack of faith that GOD knowing of the Fall of Judas would make provisions?
As Jesus spent some 40 days upon the earth after His Resurrection, He never spoke to them assigning a replacement?
All things come in their fullness of time.
Saul happen to be present at stoning of Christian believers, which fuels his zeolous nature to persecute them. Doing this had an effect upon him, softening his hardheartedness. His blindness was an ordeal, his self-righteousness dissolved being dependent upon the mercies of others. Lo, along comes one of those whom he persecuted, knowing who he was yet gave him comfort, even rebuking him as sloughful.
The same zealotness which he used aginst the Church, was given at least in service to the Church.

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"Terrorist or tyrant, few may come to the Truth that both are poor choice."
 62yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that okcitykid is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Where they drew lots to decide who would replace Judas - I will agree that they had made a mistake and possibly Paul should have been that replacement.

I think if I remember right, mathew was the one who had the dream about clean and unclean things that made him believe, and so he convinced the other apostles that they must go to the gentiles. Then later on Paul comes and they have a dissagreement. To keep the peace, two churches were created. One under law and one under grace.

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"A fool says I know and a wise man says I wonder."
 69yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that cturtle is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
There was division in that (Peter) Church of Jerusalem was prodomiently Jewish & still maintained those traditions. As new churches formed with greater Gentile proportions were being subjected to Hebrew Tradition of Circumcision. Which Paul did not concede. (my be wrong as working from memories of past lessons?)

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"Terrorist or tyrant, few may come to the Truth that both are poor choice."
 36yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that EOTW is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
The ONE True Religion is that Man is God. Science has proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Your only obstacle is your ego and your incapacity to correctly understand that YOU ARE GOD.

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"Nothing Happens On The Internet."
 32yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Rainman05 is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
EOTW -> Wrong. Man is no God and such mentality is dangerous.

The division of the Catholic and the Orthodox church from the the start of the XIth century came about from the CHRISTIAN church. There was the Christian church (or religion) that splintered into ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY and CATHOLIC CHRISTIANITY.

There was no catholicism before orthodoxism. There was just Christianity. The reasons as to why the schism happened... a lot of reason on all plains. Financial, power, political, religious, etc.
Who cares?

My personal take on religion is that no religion is good or bad in itself. Any religion that makes you want to be a better individual according to the decent universal moral code of conduct, and forces you to have Conscience, is the good religion for you. This means that even if you do NOT respect all commandments from a religion or only follow it partially... as long as that religion provides you with a moral compass that encourages civility instead of brutality, it is a good one.

In general, history shows that organized religions are a fallacy. Jesus (who wasn't a jew, but a judean) revolted against the corrupt jewish religion of that time. The high clergy of the jewish faith ruled great wealth and power from inside their temples, influencing roman politics in the region and judean politics in the region.

Judean is the race of people who lived in the area of Israel 2000years ago. This comes from Judeea.

Jew was back then a religious doctrine only. Jews became a racial construct aside from a religious one in the XIXth century with reformed judaism and most jews are reformed jews, whether they know it or not.

Christianity, that came along with Jesus (who was a judean) divided the Judeans into Christians and jews.

We can discuss this further if things aren't clear. We can discuss talmudic judaism, biblical judaism, etc.

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The True Religion? - Page 7
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