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The President has bought every election he's

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 74yrs • M •
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The President has bought every election he's
Governor Ann Richards had a 70% favorable rating in Texas (Gallup Poll) as the incumbent governor in 1990. Everything was fine in Texas! Then, Dubya and his cronies (Enron, Becktel, Halliburton, Arthur Anderson, a former president that happens to be his father, and thieves from Hell decided they could buy the election (correctly) for governor of Texas and President of the United States for this former drunk. It worked (Governor Richards disposed)! Dubya, after stealing consecutive terms for governor in Texas, he and his benefactors rigged the Rupublican primaries for president in 2000. John McCain (a true American hero) beat the hell out of this slow learner with too much money in New Hampshire and depleted Dubya's 20 million dollar campaign chest! Dubya's anti-democratic REPUBLICAN friends replenished his campaign bankroll, and bought the Republican nomination in South Carolina! God Bless the ANTI-DEMOCRATIC FORCES IN THE UNITED STATES! Republican nomination secured. I don't think I want my candidate to win an election like this (reminds me of Sad Ham Insane)! Al Gore (wish I knew your middle name), please run, GET OFF YOUR ASS, be yourself, forget Florida and the demons fron Hell, and the lowlifes on the US Supreme Court! Be honest, and give us a President we all can be proud of! You have to be blind (other problems possible) NOT to know our current President will do anything to steal an election. He was asked the other day (July 2003) how he was going to spend the 178 million dollars he and his theiving anti-democratic Republican friends have saved up (stolen) for the next election? I'm not going to tell you his answer. Wake up America!
Eldred Reaney

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 46yrs • M
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*cough**snort* wha? (blinks eyes upon awakening)

*Yawn* wow, bush does suck.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
The President has bought every election he's
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