He who loves 100 people has 100 woes, he who loves no one has no woes. - Buddha
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Tagged > Legion
THREAD ConspiracyAre ANONYMOUS....activist or terrorist???
2 Posts • 3674 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
THREAD DreamsDream Interpretation Thread
76 Posts • 23918 Views
Psychology Forum
lol i love dreams like that--the kind that are so mixed up with different elements that they make absolutely no sense. dude, to have that one interpreted youll probably have to spend a few months prob...
THREAD evolut├Żon????
83 Posts • 19541 Views
Philosophy Forum
if the bible is any sort of guideline for belief on this topic so maybe did God create the possibility of humans instead of actually crating us. thoughts? Biblical reference to the creation of biolog...
16 Posts • 6897 Views
Philosophy Forum
Quoting Administrator: "Ration al fear is completely essential for our survival. It is irrational fear that leads us to hate and anger and "evil." That is true. There are healthy f...
THREAD The "What probably is = what is" fallacy
31 Posts • 8785 Views
Psychology Forum
Of course, it is a common logical fallacy to attack the person and not the argument proffered; and the analysis of our pyschologies is damnedly, as well as insistently, simplistic; full to the brim wi...
THREAD GovernmentDemocracy Disrobed
1 Posts • 2019 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
It is a curiosity of history that no sacred text as per democracy exists. There are histories (potted or comprehensive) and there are theoretical tomes, but none (so far as I can see) which serve as m...
THREAD Hello from the Middle East
18 Posts • 6017 Views
Talk Talk
The Main goal for us coming here in the 1st place was to free the Iraqi people from the Oppression being imposed by Saddam. That I supported, i dont believe we came here for oil like most people belie...
THREAD War & TerrorismAnonVsScientology
13 Posts • 3320 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Jump on the bandwagon and fuck shit up on Feb. 10 In case you aren't aware, a war of sorts has been declared against Scientology. I support this as long as it remains physically non-violent...
THREAD ConspiracyAre ANONYMOUS....activist or terrorist???
2 Posts • 3674 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
THIS IS THE MESSAGE ON THE ABOVE VIDEO............... Dear brothers and sisters. Now is the time to open your eyes! In a stunning move that has civil libertarians stuttering with disbelief, the...
THREAD Music ReviewTop 8 reasons why Superman's Bryan Singer should be beaten
0 Posts • 1916 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Just if anyone's interested this is Empires review - plese don't slate me for 'siding with the critics' I appreciate some people simply believe what the critics tell them - I'...
THREAD The two biggest neo-fags in Hollywood
0 Posts • 3558 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
When I was a kid, my favourite movie of all time was the original Star Wars movie. It was just so cool to me. And I always wished Lucas had gone on to make the prequels and sequels he originally inten...
THREAD SpiritualityDevil Possession
2 Posts • 3610 Views
Religion Forum
before i write anything i just wanted to see if people really do believe in the powers of evil and devil possession. This direct assault covers what the Bible refers to as "demon possession,&quo...
THREAD ConspiracyHow the US Government Planned America's Downfall
1 Posts • 2893 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Excerpt: PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS | October 1 2006 The attacks on middle-class jobs are lending new meaning to the phrase "class war". The ladders of upward mobility are being dismantled. Ameri...
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