The only thing worse than dying is living in these stagnant times. - Sadistichunger
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Tagged > Decius
THREAD Science vs ReligionThe "What if I'm Right?" Argument
0 Posts • 1274 Views
Religion Forum
Wasn't Decius like a Roman Leader who slaughter alot of people for saying that the beleved in God..This Decius has a kinder heart .. but m no Decius its not that i don't care if its delusion...
THREAD the thread of LIES
79 Posts • 17191 Views
Talk Talk
decius is always right. earthenwings tries her hardest. ethereal is still comfortable with himself. jacker jones thinks things out. decius give the time needed to teach someone to those h...
THREAD Who on C.C. is a good listener?
5 Posts • 2773 Views
Talk Talk
yes you are wyote. sorry about that. and maybe decius, but it seems like hes the one always giving the advice.. wait a second.. yes, decius aswell. and attolia. maybe cynic-al.
THREAD GamesThe drunk guy game
44 Posts • 75318 Views
Jokes & Games
*eek* WOW!!! Thanks Decius I didn't know you could do that *grin* For those who hadn't realized, you can play the game in the Decius post
4 Posts • 3589 Views
Talk Talk
Decius Im wondering if this is your name or what the meaning of this word is? This may show my stupidity but, I just thought I'd ask.
THREAD SocietyJoe Stack Flies his Plane into an IRS Building
0 Posts • 2130 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Either way we know this for sure. Decius doesn't care about THE U.S. Tax rate. A tax rate which is smaller than that of Canada<which he is okay with> Yet decius agrees with and encou...
THREAD Thanks Decius
4 Posts • 1727 Views
Talk Talk
Thanks Decius, let's hope we can encourage the feminine in all of us to contribute!
THREAD GovernmentStrong views on Bush
0 Posts • 1936 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
To whom it may concern, I stated facts about our President buying every election he has ever won (fact not fantasy). If Decius can refute the charges, let's hear it! Eldred PS - No Bull puesdo...
THREAD Christianitychristians?
110 Posts • 22726 Views
Religion Forum
My comment was directed at Decius because by his definitions each of us is responsible for our own standards and therefore if you belief what Decius says you have no choice but to accept that your dad...
THREAD Gamer Tags
12 Posts • 3640 Views
Talk Talk
I thik there was 8 of us in total when we were playing CS 1.5. I feel we were pretty good as a team. We played 4 clan matches and we won all of them so who knows. The only people you will know f...
THREAD if i run for president
2 Posts • 1698 Views
Talk Talk
i will not annouce here. i hate nazi editors like decius. i probably won't run for president. but if i need a censor, i'll hire decius or ironwood (if they would accept)! by the way, i took...
THREAD Society & SociologyRacism on SNL
0 Posts • 14665 Views
Psychology Forum
I can't argue with decius at all about any single thing he just said. It becomes obvious to many people after awhile that you can't speak out against the war without being criticized for it....
THREAD Society & SociologyRacism on SNL
0 Posts • 14665 Views
Psychology Forum
He is right. The middle east isn't the only cause of WMD. Actually the middle east isn't the problem. Actually the whole WMD is our fault really. Not because we invented them, I am sure some...
THREAD The greatest flaw in relation to science
8 Posts • 2118 Views
Talk Talk
Hey Decius, I was reading these posts and I was thinking, oh my God I agree with Decius which for some reason amused me. Actually I agree with both of you, but Decius is right about disproving current...
THREAD Random QuestionsPrayer Request
7 Posts • 3580 Views
Talk Talk
thanks Decius the interview involved me and 2 other people i feel the interview went good i know God and your prayers really helped me make it through cause at the beginning i became a little f...
THREAD Independent Realization V.S. Absract Teaching
5 Posts • 2400 Views
Philosophy Forum
Not another Decius related thread. Everything I know I learn from books. My idea of education is self-education. Some people have a more oral, "proactive" style of learning. As Decius quite...
THREAD SocietyWomen To Be Farmed In The Future?
11 Posts • 2640 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Am I the only one that sees that this discussion is moot unless someone can prove that boys don't need mothers? Decius, that's a very good point, probably the most important. woman have b...
THREAD War & TerrorismDecius B against the War?
55 Posts • 14184 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
yeah, i assumed as much. but why make an entire topic about Decius? why not make one that says "walts supports the war?" i'm sure you didn't mean to imply that Decius' o...
THREAD The OJ Simpson Case
47 Posts • 30342 Views
Talk Talk
Jacker_Jone, I Specifally recall putting in Reseda, CALIFORNIA. I have NO IDEA at All why is says Hawaii. Decius, It says that You're the Head Moderator Here, What's Going on with this...
THREAD Hello from the Middle East
18 Posts • 5948 Views
Talk Talk
How is it that this is getting twisted so??? Decius - you called BMX a baby killer. He has not killed any babies, he has not been asked to kill any babies. He simply explained that he almost fired...
THREAD Listen Up
1 Posts • 1793 Views
Talk Talk
Ok, I need to get a few points accross here. 1) Decius-bashing is not a sport nor is it funny. Stop it. 2) If you don't like the way this site is run, leave. Dont whine about it. 3) Last...
THREAD Society & SociologyLife and Decisions
9 Posts • 2889 Views
Psychology Forum
Aah... Decius.. Decius.. Decius.... You think I am not making sense... yes I do coz the people before you understand what i was talking about... ChrisD got what I mean. It was you who is making...
THREAD Gender PsychologyAn Abundancy of Rudeness
0 Posts • 1174 Views
Psychology Forum
I think you could be right about all of this Decius. Whenever I interact with children I'm almost always surprised by their perceptiveness and eloquence - and so many times their parents ignore t...
THREAD ChristianityIs God in your church
18 Posts • 4966 Views
Religion Forum
Chis I know you mean well, but I think trying to argue over the smaller details of someones example is getting totally off the point. You may not have noticed in your desire to find a crack in Decius&...
THREAD Religion & Humanitypray for me
29 Posts • 8021 Views
Religion Forum
jacker you are the weak one.. and decius I think you want to change my beliefs so your kind *devil* will grow in numbers but numbers dont matter god will triumph over numbers.. "the blood will...
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