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Abortion - Page 6

User Thread
 32yrs • M
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I think it's unfair and a sign of your own insecurities, awakenedwraith, that you afford me no charity for the things I do not say.

This was what I said a few posts ago:

"To your defense though, I will say that an abortion after three months can be a little jarring and so the woman should make up her mind before then or else should be advised to have the baby (and most likely put up for adoption.)"

This is what you said:

"I have tried for the past 15 minutes to find a video that tells of a particular kind of abortion that the womens rights activists are trying to get legalized. What happens, is when the baby is litterally out of the mother half way, they stab it in the head with a needle and kill it... But hey, its the mothers choice right?"


"And even more so, how dare you tell someone that their unborn babies life is worth less than someone elses life."

You're mistaken. I never stated an opinion on that question. I guess the answer to that depends on how you're grading "worth" or "value." I'm assuming you're an adherent to the creed that "All people are created equal." A fetus isn't a person so we don't have to worry about that question, do we?

"So, you believe that people have the right to do what they want with their own bodies. But wait a second! Suicide attempts are illegal!! And thats why drugs are illegal. Same with driving to fast and having poor electric outlets..."

Just because something's illegal doesn't necessarily mean it's right. You don't know my opinions on drugs or suicide so don't assume you know.

"I'll have you know that babies do not take up that much in recourses."

A baby doesn't have to take up any energy at all. We call that neglect. There is no limit to the amount of quality energy you can put in to raising a child. Just because you set the bar so close to the ground doesn't mean everyone holds that standard.

To NickBertke:

We've been arguing over the abortion of fetuses, not the abortion of babies. I do agree that there is a point when a fetus becomes a baby while it is still in the womb but it is not clear when this happens exactly. This is why I suggested in an earlier post that the woman should be advised to have the baby before three months. I think that's ample time for the woman to decide.

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"The truth will set you on fire"
Abortion - Page 6
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