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Is America playing with fire ? - Page 9

User Thread
 39yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that for the better is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
splenda is sucralose. not good for you. causes mood swings , vision problems and such.

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 38yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that heyjme1 is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.

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""No words""
 44yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
US plans to 'fight the net' revealed

A newly declassified document gives a fascinating glimpse into the US military's plans for "information operations" - from psychological operations, to attacks on hostile computer networks.

The document says information is "critical to military success"

Bloggers beware.

The declassified document is called "Information Operations Roadmap". It was obtained by the National Security Archive at George Washington University using the Freedom of Information Act.

"Information intended for foreign audiences, including public diplomacy and Psyops, is increasingly consumed by our domestic audience," it reads.

"Psyops messages will often be replayed by the news media for much larger audiences, including the American public," it goes on.

Late last year, it emerged that the Pentagon had paid a private company, the Lincoln Group, to plant hundreds of stories in Iraqi newspapers. The stories - all supportive of US policy - were written by military personnel and then placed in Iraqi publications.

The US military seeks the capability to knock out every telephone, every networked computer, every radar system on the planet.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
 44yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Here is an excellent very short film that ends with a very important question.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
 62yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that okcitykid is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I've heard bits and pieces and so much stuff going on its hard to keep track of it all, the free press is good about keeping track of this.

I remember there was this big computer or program that was supposed to watch the internet and it was nixed. But, wiretaps were nixed also, and guess what.

I don't trust my government who brakes their own rules and gets away with it and when questioned it just says, "that's classified."

The corporate world is looking at the internet, currently plans are being made that certain content will come with your internet service at super high speed, all else will be at a snails pace and this way they can control content. From what I understand this is being heavily considered, so that the internet becomes like the TV.

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"A fool says I know and a wise man says I wonder."
 44yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
(Anthrax, Ricin, Dirty Bomb, Nerve-gas) (How many different times has congress or the senate been evacuated or threatened by either claims of or physically evident acts of terrorism, before what kind of legislations introduction or renewal? Anyone know?)

ACTION: Call PATRIOT Act turncoats on nerve-gas threat

Just hours after sensors in a U.S. Senate office building detected a nerve agent, a number of key Senators announced a capitulation to the White House's demands on the renewal and expansion of the police-state USA PATRIOT Act.

The following Senator's offices should be contacted on this. Ask Senate staffers if the Senators changed their view on the PATRIOT Act because they thought the nerve-agent incident was a threat by the White House. Ask if they changed their position out of fear of retribution.

Sen. Sununu (R- New Hampshire) (202) 224-2841
Sen. Durbin (D. - Ill.) (202) 224-2152
Sen. Murkowski (R- Alaska) 202-224-6665
Sen. Hagel (R-Nebraska) 202-224-4224
Sen. Craig (R- Idaho) - (202) 224-8078 [Idaho office (208) 342-7985]
Sen. Feinstein (D. - Calif) - (202) 224-3841

The agreement Monday no changes to the very flimsy evidentiary standard required to connect someone to a so-called "terrorist" before searching places and records. The Senators only agreed to three minor cosmetic changes, with a focus on library records, with no regard to the broad categories of commercial transactions searched in the wake of the law's passage in 2001.

It should be noted the original PATRIOT Act was passed in the wake of 9/11 while all of the Senate office buildings were shut down after receiving military-grade anthrax in the mail.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
 44yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Tell me if this sounds familiar. A blog which I can relate. But again, just to reiterate and further articulate what concerns me and why I bother asking people to take a look at what is going on today with a more critical mind.

Do We Have To Arrest Bush & Company Ourselves?

Do we have to make citizens' arrests of Bush & company? We have smoking gun after smoking gun and the criminals in charge of our nation do nothing. It is quite clear they are all (with few exceptions) in on the crimes.

We have TONS of EVIDENCE that both presidential elections have been stolen. That alone should be enough to arrest the people who have taken over our nation via electoral coup! But wait...there is more...lots more! We have EVIDENCE that there was inside involvement in 9/11...nothing happens. We have EVIDENCE that George W. Bush lied about the reasons for invading Iraq, about what he knew about the potential doom of Katrina in advance, and he knew (and may have been involved) about 9/11...nothing happens. We have testimony that Dick Cheney approved the leaking of top secret information...nothing happens. Do we have to arrest these criminals ourselves? Even if all the EVIDENCE is wrong it only proves that this administration is so incompetent that they should be removed from office for our own safety!

Congress is our enemy; the Justice Department has been compromised in the same way that Police Capt. Mark McCluskey was in the movie the Godfather. Our military have been so blinded with propaganda that they don't realize that they have been mobilized in direct contradiction to the principles for which they believe they are fighting. Our local law enforcement has already taken steps to implement a fascist police state where they view peace groups as the enemy and they enforce the statutes that violate our Constitution. Do we have to carry out justice ourselves? Do we have to revert to the street justice of the wild west? Do we need to form a posse and arrest the criminals ourselves?

Is there not a single institution in our nation that can come in and stop this insanity? Will the people have to rise up and save themselves?

This whole nation has flipped. We are insane. The crimes are so egregious, so outrageous, so vile that people do not believe they are being conducted. They see, smell, feel, hear and taste the evidence yet they still find this reality to difficult to believe! What do we have to do to wake everyone up?

The Bush administration is built on two foundations. 1. Members of PNAC; a group who knew their radical agenda would not be accepted by Americans unless there was, in their own words, "a catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor!" 2. A group of experience criminals (a la Iran Contra), some of which were convicted of crimes related to subverting our political process. I speak of people who had a reason to permit, enable or conduct the events of 9/11 and I speak of people who have decades of experience operating illegal operations at the highest level of government for the purpose of subverting the democratic process. DON'T YOU PEOPLE FIND THIS DISTURBING IN THE LEAST?

Don't you people realize that the EVIDENCE of all these crimes is right there in front of your face? Forget the media...they are the enemy and they should be first on our list when we clean house! Look at the EVIDENCE! It's out there! I'll pay for the handcuffs...where are all the deputies? Think about it!

NOTE TO CRITICS: This BLOG is not here to provide the EVIDENCE. The EVIDENCE is all around us but you can start by looking at the hundreds of pages and tens of thousands of links to the information that BACKS UP MY CLAIMS. You can start by looking at the main site...

No...this blog does not provide the evidence but it should encourage you to examine the evidence that is available all around us...starting with the main site. So don't use that in your argument when you slam this post!

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
 62yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that okcitykid is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Excellent article - mine was about the same except shorter, but I was asking when Bush was going to be arrested - lets just skip all that impeachment business. I made this post on secure america - Westly clarks community - usually I get a comment or two but so far I haven't.

No...this blog does not provide the evidence but it should encourage you to examine the evidence that is available all around us...starting with the main site. So don't use that in your argument when you slam this post!

I couldn't find a place to slam or even comment on the article - so I copied it and posted it on my blog - I didn't know who to ask, but usually people don't mind and often will thank me for reposting their articles.

How right it is - I just cannot understand how Cheney can make 8 million dollars on Haliburton contracts and Halliburton still get no bid contracts and Mr. Cheney is still the VP and we're still in Iraq - I find that to be unbelievable.

But what can we do - we can't refuse to pay taxes, becuase our taxes are automatically deducted. We protest, sign petitions, send letters, faxes and emails, express our complaint in forums and blogs - what else can we do.

Maybe we need to go to Washington and burn the dam flag on the front lawn.

Its us against them, its time for a revolution, but how, we have no army?

I've been contacted by Move On - they are wanting me to help with elections, to help get the Democrats back in office and I agreed to help - And I will too - something I've never done before - I hate politics - but I don't know what else to do.

BUT - I do know one thing that will help and that would be to get Air America in every Red State - I've offered to start a petition here in Oklahoma - but I don't know who to petition.

If you have any know how on this, let me know - that's the only other thing I know to do.

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"A fool says I know and a wise man says I wonder."
 44yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Forget Iran, Americans Should be Hysterical About This: Nuking the Economy >

Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics re-benchmarked the payroll jobs data back to 2000. Thanks to Charles McMillion of MBG Information Services, I have the adjusted data from January 2001 through January 2006. If you are worried about terrorists, you don't know what worry is.

Job growth over the last five years is the weakest on record. The US economy came up more than 7 million jobs short of keeping up with population growth. That's one good reason for controlling immigration. An economy that cannot keep up with population growth should not be boosting population with heavy rates of legal and illegal immigration.

Over the past five years the US economy experienced a net job loss in goods producing activities. The entire job growth was in service-providing activities--primarily credit intermediation, health care and social assistance, waiters, waitresses and bartenders, and state and local government.

US manufacturing lost 2.9 million jobs, almost 17% of the manufacturing work force. The wipeout is across the board. Not a single manufacturing payroll classification created a single new job.

The declines in some manufacturing sectors have more in common with a country undergoing saturation bombing during war than with a super-economy that is 'the envy of the world.' Communications equipment lost 43% of its workforce. Semiconductors and electronic components lost 37% of its workforce. The workforce in computers and electronic products declined 30%. Electrical equipment and appliances lost 25% of its employees. The workforce in motor vehicles and parts declined 12%. Furniture and related products lost 17% of its jobs. Apparel manufacturers lost almost half of the work force. Employment in textile mills declined 43%. Paper and paper products lost one-fifth of its jobs. The work force in plastics and rubber products declined by 15%. Even manufacturers of beverages and tobacco products experienced a 7% shrinkage in jobs.

The knowledge jobs that were supposed to take the place of lost manufacturing jobs in the globalized 'new economy' never appeared. The information sector lost 17% of its jobs, with the telecommunications work force declining by 25%. Even wholesale and retail trade lost jobs. Despite massive new accounting burdens imposed by Sarbanes-Oxley, accounting and bookkeeping employment shrank by 4%. Computer systems design and related lost 9% of its jobs. Today there are 209,000 fewer managerial and supervisory jobs than 5 years ago.

In five years the US economy only created 70,000 jobs in architecture and engineering, many of which are clerical. Little wonder engineering enrollments are shrinking. There are no jobs for graduates. The talk about engineering shortages is absolute ignorance. There are several hundred thousand American engineers who are unemployed and have been for years. No student wants a degree that is nothing but a ticket to a soup line. Many engineers have written to me that they cannot even get Wal-Mart jobs because their education makes them over-qualified.

Offshore outsourcing and offshore production have left the US awash with unemployment among the highly educated. The low measured rate of unemployment does not include discouraged workers. Labor arbitrage has made the unemployment rate less and less a meaningful indicator. In the past unemployment resulted mainly from turnover in the labor force and recession. Recoveries pulled people back into jobs.

Unemployment benefits were intended to help people over the down time in the cycle when workers were laid off. Today the unemployment is permanent as entire occupations and industries are wiped out by labor arbitrage as corporations replace their American employees with foreign ones.

Economists who look beyond political press releases estimate the US unemployment rate to be between 7% and 8.5%. There are now hundreds of thousands of Americans who will never recover their investment in their university education.

Unless the BLS is falsifying the data or businesses are reporting the opposite of the facts, the US is experiencing a job depression. Most economists refuse to acknowledge the facts, because they endorsed globalization. It was a win-win situation, they said.

They were wrong.

At a time when America desperately needs the voices of educated people as a counterweight to the disinformation that emanates from the Bush administration and its supporters, economists have discredited themselves. This is especially true for 'free market economists' who foolishly assumed that international labor arbitrage was an example of free trade that was benefitting Americans. Where is the benefit when employment in US export industries and import-competitive industries is shrinking? After decades of struggle to regain credibility, free market economics is on the verge of another wipeout.

No sane economist can possibly maintain that a deplorable record of merely 1,054,000 net new private sector jobs over five years is an indication of a healthy economy. The total number of private sector jobs created over the five year period is 500,000 jobs less than one year's legal and illegal immigration! (In a December 2005 Center for Immigration Studies report based on the Census Bureau's March 2005 Current Population Survey, Steven Camarota writes that there were 7,9 million new immigrants between January 2000 and March 2005.)

The economics profession has failed America. It touts a meaningless number while joblessness soars. Lazy journalists at the New York Times simply rewrite the Bush administration's press releases.

On February 10 the Commerce Department released a record US trade deficit in goods and services for 2005--$726 billion. The US deficit in Advanced Technology Products reached a new high. Offshore production for home markets and jobs outsourcing has made the US highly dependent on foreign provided goods and services, while simultaneously reducing the export capability of the US economy. It is possible that there might be no exchange rate at which the US can balance its trade.

Polls indicate that the Bush administration is succeeding in whipping up fear and hysteria about Iran. The secretary of defense is promising Americans decades-long war. Is death in battle Bush's solution to the job depression? Will Asians finance a decades-long war for a bankrupt country?

"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
 62yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that okcitykid is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
You know I had a bunch of wierd dreams last night about China. We didn't like China but here were its war ships in our harbor and I was helping to tie them up.

I wonder if this was a dream about our future, under the thumb of China who will someday demand we pay up our debts.

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"A fool says I know and a wise man says I wonder."
 44yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
FBI Spying has 'Hundredfold' Increase Under Patriot Act

released on 11/06/05 at 08:26:44

The FBI now issues more than 30,000 national security letters a year, according to government sources, a hundredfold increase over historic norms. The letters -- one of which can be used to sweep up the records of many people -- are extending the bureau's reach as never before into the telephone calls, correspondence and financial lives of ordinary Americans. >

Official secrecy reaches historic high in the U.S.

By Scott Shane The New York Times

MONDAY, JULY 4, 2005

WASHINGTON Driven in part by fears of terrorism, government secrecy in the United States has reached a historic high by several measures. Federal departments now classify documents at the rate of 125 a minute as they create new categories of semisecrets bearing vague labels like "sensitive security information."

A record 15.6 million documents were classified last year, nearly double the number in 2001, according to the federal Information Security Oversight Office. Meanwhile, the declassification process, which made millions of historical documents available annually in the 1990s, has slowed to a relative crawl, from a high of 204 million pages in 1997 to just 28 million pages last year.

The increasing secrecy - and its rising cost to taxpayers, estimated by the office at $7.2 billion last year

February 21, 2006

U.S. Reclassifies Many Documents in Secret Review


WASHINGTON, Feb. 20 - In a seven-year-old secret program at the National Archives, intelligence agencies have been removing from public access thousands of historical documents that were available for years, including some already published by the State Department and others photocopied years ago by private historians.

The restoration of classified status to more than 55,000 previously declassified pages began in 1999, when the Central Intelligence Agency and five other agencies objected to what they saw as a hasty release of sensitive information after a 1995 declassification order signed by President Bill Clinton. It accelerated after the Bush administration took office and especially after the 2001 terrorist attacks, according to archives records.

But because the reclassification program is itself shrouded in secrecy - governed by a still-classified memorandum that prohibits the National Archives even from saying which agencies are involved - it continued virtually without outside notice until December.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
[  Edited by Ironwood at   ]
 44yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Just another taste of the corruption out there.

Defense contractor pleads guilty to bribery

Seattle Times | February 25 2006

Defense contractor Mitchell Wade admitted Friday in federal court that he attempted to illegally influence Pentagon contracting officials and tried to curry favor with two House members in addition to lavishing more than $1 million in cash, cars, a boat and other bribes on convicted Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, R-Calif.

The admissions, including details that identify Reps. Virgil Goode, R-Va., and Katherine Harris, R-Fla., as recipients of illegal contributions, are contained in Wade's agreement to plead guilty to four criminal charges stemming from his role in the Cunningham probe.

Cunningham quit after pleading guilty in November to taking $2.4 million in bribes from Wade and others. Goode and Harris apparently were unaware the donations were illegal, prosecutors said.

Wade, 46, also pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge that he provided benefits to a Pentagon official and other Defense Department employees to get them to help his company, MZM.

You know what I'd like to know? Is who this corrupt bribesman lost out to. Halliburton maybe? The only one with more corruption and corrupt ties to the white house?

Katherine Harris. Many of you may not recognize or quite remember that name.

She is one of the official players behind the 2000 election decision process, while heading Bush campaigns and working closely with Jeb Bush at the time no less. I don't recall all the details at this time but know some were quite shady.

And if you guys are at all familiar with other names listed in this article feel free to share.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
[  Edited by Ironwood at   ]
 44yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
For those of you out there that believe the media or white house every time they report that Al Qaeda claims responsibility for some attack or another.

I hope you realize that they are getting that information from a website, a blog. This is their source of intelligence on that matter.

The same blogs that some media and the white house condemn, especially when in dissagreement or dissent over US policy or leadership. Including the "militant" frequented websites that they are substantiating as credible sources of Al Qaeda updates. Its fucking rediculous.

When "Al Qaeda" says US is commiting atrocities or blatant resource theft, they will dismiss this as lunacy or propaganda, but when they claim responsibility for an attack of some sort, then they are the most reliable source.

Its a joke, and if you buy it without at least considering it might not be true, then you are a sorry sod.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
 44yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Hero of Katrina, sheriff may be prosecuted

AP | April 1 2006

Flashback: FEMA Deliberately Sabotaging Hurricane Relief Efforts

JACKSON, Miss. - Randy Walker swears he would have died from his diabetes after Hurricane Katrina had a sheriff not seized two FEMA trucks filled with ice and distributed it to residents, many of whom had to keep their insulin cold.

Now, that sheriff could be prosecuted on charges of interfering with a federal operation.

Forrest County Sheriff Billy McGee commandeered two 18-wheelers full of ice from Camp Shelby, a Federal Emergency Management Agency staging area, after five days passed with little relief for residents living without electricity in the wake of the deadly storm.

'Man, I was wanting to hug Brother Billy when I saw that ice. We were glad somebody was there to help us,' Walker, who would not give his age, said Wednesday.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
 44yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Chairman of 9/11 Whitewash Commission sets stage for Al Qaeda Nuke Attack
Four Looks at the Thomas Kean Affair

Infowars | April 4, 2006
By Bob Dacy

Thomas Kean, the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, gave a lecture at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas last Friday, March 31st. I was there covering the event for my local TV talk show, "The Simple Truth". A synopsis of my observations follows.

The question and answer session after the speech was anything but spontaneous. The students had been pre-selected and were prepped in a conference room before the presentation. I saw them coming out of the room, and asked one of them if they were going to be the students asking the questions. She said "yes". The Q & A was a fake.

The press conference before the speech was turned out to be a great opportunity, because literally half of the questions were hostile, and I was able to ask Mr. Kean a question about why the 9/11 Commission, on page 172 of their report, stated that the question of who bankrolled the September 11th attacks was "of little practical significance." He replied that the job cost so little money and that it was too hard to trace. So I got from Mr. Kean an admission that following the money trail in a crime that took the lives of 3000 people was "of little practical significance" because it only cost about $166 per murder and was too much of a bother to pursue. This was an astonishing red flag screaming "cover-up".

I also asked him why there is not even one word about the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center building 7 in the 9/11 Commission Report. I basically read him the riot act on building plane it it, perfectly symmetrical collapse, the FEMA report not matching Larry Silverstein's "admission" that he and the New York Fire Department control demolished it on the spur of the moment and forgot to tell anyone about it, the video evidence of explosive charges going off, the molten metal found in the basement...and Mr. Kean blew off the question! He claimed he saw no evidence of what I was saying, and said it was not part of his report. I thought to myself, "for a guy supposed to be in charge of the whole inquiry, he sure seems blissfully ignorant of the facts". A vision of the "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil" monkeys popped into my head.

In his speech to the throngs of students, Mr. Kean kept stressing his biggest fear...that the terrorists would smuggle a nuke into this country and set it off. He recommended biometric ID cards for everyone! I thought about the Bush Administration pushing to let the Communist Chinese screen cargo coming through Panama ports, to make sure no nukes get in. The hypocrisy was almost unbearable. It is the same tired old mantra..."give up your freedom or the boogey man will get you". Mr. Kean's admissions that he is not interested in following the money trail, and that the controlled demolition of building 7 is unimportant are ample proof that 9/11 was an inside job, Kean was hired to pull the wool over the eyes of the sheep, and if we give up our liberty to these people, we will never get it back.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
Is America playing with fire ? - Page 9
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