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Tagged > Song in head
THREAD PoetryA Not Sung Song
1 Posts • 1970 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
A Not Sung Song The lyrics are out of tune A bird cannot sing The meaning misunderstood A sign not read We have to know ourselves Before we can know each other By: Roger Harkness http://...
 32yrs • M
time is a sad song sung bymany lovers. I am a soloest of the forgoten
124 Posts • 26302 Views
Talk Talk
Commercials have killed music! I was listening to "Sweet Home Alabama," and all I could think about was KFC. The reason for this is that KFC uses the song to promote their chicken, which I s...
THREAD Coldplay: Clocks
14 Posts • 3121 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I saw Coldplay live last week. Was absolutely amazing. 1. Heres my second favorite song from them- Talk 2. My favorite coldplay song- The Scientist 3. Speed of Sound- another awesome song from X...
THREAD ElectionsNew Politics Policy
14 Posts • 2770 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Bang, Bang Maxwell's Siver Hammer came down upon their head . . . ya I remember that song!
THREAD Writing AdviceSubmit your song idea!
1 Posts • 2014 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
We want to write songs specifically for you. What does that mean you ask? Think funny, sad, interesting, serious, annoying, happy, really anything goes. For example, maybe something really crazy ha...
THREAD Rita Pavone - My name is Potato
4 Posts • 2227 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Can't sleep. Guess what's been ringing in my head for the last half an hour or so whilst I was trying to sleep? :-) lol, and if there's any ambiguity, no Vigil I don't blame you fo...
 38yrs • M
< no additional information provided >
112 Posts • 20911 Views
Talk Talk
1ST I WANT TO SAY...BAD OKCITY....NOW THE 'DONT WORRY BE HAPPY' SONG FROM PAGE IS IN MY HEAD!!! However.......I read and heard in the news coffee is gr8 for you...they say 6 cups a day ca...
THREAD Music Tracks???
8 Posts • 2786 Views
Talk Talk
I was wondering if anybody had any good websites where I can here just a clip of some songs. There's a song that I want to hear a little bit of, but I dont have any programs to download. If any o...
THREAD Something you always wanted to do in public
28 Posts • 5080 Views
Talk Talk
Not performing, more like having a song in your head and just singing it outloud and dancing even though you know you probably dance terribly and look stupid. Ok just so we're on the same page...
 40yrs • F
< no additional information provided >
 49yrs • M
Balls as Big as my Head !!!
 28yrs • M
love, not war
THREAD Music That Makes You Happy!
13 Posts • 1947 Views
Talk Talk
I'm trying to burn a cd with some music that makes you feal happy in the summertime. I'm not talking bobby mcferrin of course that song makes everybody happy. Here's what I have so far....
THREAD You know you're a gamer if...
39 Posts • 14852 Views
Jokes & Games
if you were ever riding in the car listening to the radio and you randomly go "hey! i have played this song on guitar hero before!".then after a few seconds you hang your head in shame. i...
 36yrs • M
hi gals
 36yrs • F
Keep your head up, don\\\'t let anyone or anything get you down!
 38yrs • F
Keep Your head up
THREAD Writing AdviceNeeding lryics for this song
1 Posts • 1675 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Hi would somone beable to write a song to this beat. If you make a good one i am willing to pay for it, Please help me peace. link for beat -----> =g6oC2bfjQMI&fea...
THREAD Music VideosEndless Enya
8 Posts • 4293 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Orinoco Flow I think this is my all time favourite of all Enya's songs and I bet there are many other people who would say the same. I can listen to this song anytime. There have been times...
 41yrs • M
coc head
 48yrs • F
THREAD The Proclaimers
3 Posts • 1874 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I love this song, and that movie by the way. I have tio listen to a radio station that plays that song at least once a day and I sing along with it every day.:)
THREAD Ensiferum
9 Posts • 2039 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Instrumental beauty, screaming perfection, heroic vocals. Just the song here. Victory Song
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