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Tagged > Self meditation
THREAD Sentience vs. Sapience
7 Posts • 28117 Views
Philosophy Forum
knowledge is basically how to do something wisdom is basically how to do something right, or not do it ;) sapience... ooooooo sounds all "collegey" you labeled the top of your thread...
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe Disease of Religious Fundamentalism
19 Posts • 5043 Views
Religion Forum
Religion is the belief in things that cannot be proven. Spirits or unseen forces and energies are proven to exist. So I disagree, things that haven't been fully pieced together or completely...
THREAD Christianitywe're nothing special
9 Posts • 2411 Views
Religion Forum
Coming from a Catholic perspective, what makes us so special to God is that he created us in His image and likeness. We are His children and therefore he has the unconditional love of a father for his...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainRemoval from Working Memory...
12 Posts • 2037 Views
Psychology Forum
working memory, or short term memory as some people call it, is simply the ability of the person to visualize abstracts and remember them for a short period of time, since forgetting those abstracts c...
THREAD SpiritualityOn Awareness-Proactivty and Unconsciousness-Ego-Reactivity
2 Posts • 2085 Views
Religion Forum
Teachings of the Masters on Awareness-Proactivty and Unconsciousness-Ego-Reactivity .... Act. Do not react. --Sri Ravi Shankar Sin is never in action. It is always in reaction. -- S...
THREAD Society & SociologyExcerp: Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment
34 Posts • 10239 Views
Psychology Forum
Cynic-Al, What you have written about Depression is very true - people avoid depression by keeping themselves occupied all the time. I have written about this in my article. As soon as we stop...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainTransitional Documentation.
2 Posts • 1601 Views
Psychology Forum
Thursday June 11th, 2:30 AM Why collect something that you can't remember collecting? I don't see much of a reason to do that. I guess I should do something about not remembering. I'...
THREAD Paranormal & PseudoscienceWhy do you think people can have psychic abilities?
17 Posts • 9391 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Do you think my approach here is an attempt to blow off psychic phenomena? No, but I do sense the general resistance that most people have. I still have it to a degree as well. On the point of r...
THREAD DreamsThe Mind Portal...An Un-Researched New Discovery
37 Posts • 18412 Views
Psychology Forum
I recall that you said you were extremely good with geometry. So I guess my main question is: How would one expand from this basic code to the 13 different categories of what your day could have co...
THREAD Life & DeathPurpose of human life
1 Posts • 1459 Views
Philosophy Forum
Purpose of human life In the materialistic plane one person says that the aim of his life is to achieve a particular post and then help his family members. Some other person says that the aim of hi...
THREAD Sentience vs. Sapience
7 Posts • 28117 Views
Philosophy Forum
MugenNoKarayami Often this site is more social than educational ~ I think that may be out of necessity... but check my quote... subjectivity is good for meditation - (or prayer) - but stayi...
THREAD FuturologyRevolutionary path to Enlightenment
1 Posts • 2073 Views
Philosophy Forum
Revolution Revolt for Change. Revolutions happen in our world, proven throughout our history. We revolt against many things, which effect people. The revolution I speak for is a change in our cons...
THREAD Gender PsychologyI Hate Women
84 Posts • 28093 Views
Psychology Forum
No worries sir, I have by no means reached perfection, but I have found the truest path to happiness, and I KNOW it. I would allow for the possibility that it is my own path, because that is always...
THREAD StoriesChronicles from the Gutter.
22 Posts • 6529 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I ran across this poem from Paul Valery while i was researching about a quraan saying concerning the drunkness of the angels and hence the soul. I have to share this. So beautiful:( The Graveyard b...
THREAD Do favorite colors really tell you anything about
12 Posts • 14813 Views
Talk Talk
I thought green ment horny?? :D My fav is blue. Does that mean I am sad all of the time?? Here is something I found on color...... It's kinda long.... What Colors Mean We live in a col...
THREAD Astral Travel/ Projection
10 Posts • 4838 Views
Philosophy Forum
O.B.E. (astral projection) Recent events have affected all of us but the death of a friend has drawn out the feelings of helplessness. As we observed his passing, the desire to comfort and to be com...
THREAD Dawn's Greeting
9 Posts • 2685 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I'm going to post a few chapters of my book 'Dawn's Greeting' as a response to the thread on Indigo Children. Any comments most welcome. Children of the Dawn Father Time in...
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