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Tagged > Race
THREAD Does Race Exist?
7 Posts • 3090 Views
Philosophy Forum
I have been drifting from one forum to the next seeking an answer to an obvious question, 'does race exist'. Surprisingly I meet staunch opposition from some 'people' somewhat insa...
 38yrs • M
< no additional information provided >
 47yrs • F
race ready
 42yrs • F
Life is not a race, but a journey!
 30yrs • F
Until the philosophy which hold one race
THREAD Does Race Exist?
7 Posts • 3090 Views
Philosophy Forum
race is a genetic thing, but due to the fact that there is a large amount of intermixing between various "races" it is becoming more and more a case of social allegiance. though we are all t...
 39yrs • M
all humans are one irrespective of race colour or religion
 34yrs • F
YOU can compress the most words into the smallest idea of anyone I know.
 28yrs • M
< no additional information provided >
 32yrs • F
forget the game before somone takes u out of the frame and puts ur name to frame u can't run a race the pace is to fast u just won't last.. Linkin Park points of aurthority
THREAD AliensWhy do people assume Alien lifeforms are smarter than us?
24 Posts • 14816 Views
Science & Technology Forum
It is highly possible, if not extremely likely, that according to probability there is other life in the universe. However, considering that it took the human race around 40,000 years to develop techn...
 27yrs • M
Existence does not exist
THREAD Life & DeathMovies that best describe life/death??
22 Posts • 5401 Views
Philosophy Forum
Terminator (all three of them). Just proves that the human race is so bent on destruction that they will be the cause of the downfall of their own race. At least, thats how i feel. Oh, it also proves...
 55yrs • M
chill out
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe True Religion?
96 Posts • 22742 Views
Religion Forum
Ah, the spirit of knnowledge gives voice to wisdom!:D Patr, one thing they did teach is that Jesus nailed the old Law to the Cross. Do they teach the Truth? So when I hear those putting forth just...
 31yrs • F
love me
THREAD Biracial Children
18 Posts • 20669 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
There is only one race. The human race. I condisder those who say otherwise to be rather foolish. I'm "white," my girlfriend is "black." Who the freak cares? grrr, not even a...
THREAD Life & DeathWhat does our existence in life mean?
20 Posts • 6899 Views
Philosophy Forum
Hedgehog, let me explain. I say this because I just cannot accept that we 'humans' do have emotions. We are human because we 'think' we have emotions that we can express in various...
THREAD Would Anarchy mean chaos?
8 Posts • 1915 Views
Philosophy Forum
In my opinion, in this type of society, it wouldnt work but if the human race was naturally a more peaceful and less greedy race it could work. The one big problem with it is that someone will even...
THREAD Genetic engineering
40 Posts • 15796 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I understand wut u r talking about but (and neither would i with power) the human race ............take albert einstein for of the greatest discoveries right??....well guess w...
THREAD ConspiracyConspiracy Confessions
29 Posts • 9310 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Well if you wanna advance the human race then we will need to make 1 nation, not 50 , not 40, but 1. And that nation will be the voice for the human race, not a president, not a minister. Im muslim, a...
THREAD Random QuestionsWhat is your current occupation versus....
16 Posts • 5292 Views
Talk Talk
It's the rat race I'm telling ya. We all need to survive. So we join this race to survive. We have to be marketable in today's economy and seek higher education to remain marketable...
THREAD Cliqueless
0 Posts • 5643 Views
Philosophy Forum
nice "epiphany" thats what I call thinking outside the "box". It is a stupid race that remains inside the "box" and dwells on the past. It is an intellige...
THREAD War & Terrorismwhats going to happen in World War 3
106 Posts • 76387 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Ok why would anyone but teorist want to bomb the U.S They know If they bomb us there going to be blown off the face of the earth. And even though Russia can destroy us they cant do that whithout us de...
THREAD What do you think about the rascism ? Can it disappear ?
16 Posts • 5286 Views
Philosophy Forum
Racism will, unfortunatly, never disappear totally. Even if the human race melds into one mixed race, there will be slight differences that will be picked out. Blonds might be the target, or brown eye...
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