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Tagged > Quantum philosophy
THREAD is this considered philosophy/izing?
13 Posts • 3066 Views
Philosophy Forum
Everything is philosophy: - philosophy of metaphysics - philosophy of epistemology - philosophy of ethics - philosophy of logic - philosophy of mind - philosophy of math - philosophy of religio...
THREAD Quantum questions
2 Posts • 2740 Views
Philosophy Forum
Have just finished a great book called quantum questions - not as high brow as it sounds, just a series of essays on the convergence of science, philosophy and religion - In it Schroedinger makes the...
 70yrs • M
Rewriting Complex Mathematics
 76yrs • F
Quantum Sufficit
THREAD ConsciousnessThe Divided Quantum and the Implicate Order
1 Posts • 2583 Views
Philosophy Forum
I have for some time been interested in what comes after quantum theory -- what is beyond it -- and how this relates to the human nervous system. Pilot Wave theory and David Bohm's "Implicat...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 45457 Views
Religion Forum
An alternate explanation for evolution has to do with quantum mechanics (modern physics). In quantum physics, particles have more than one property at any given time, as if several variations of the p...
THREAD What can be done?
14 Posts • 2997 Views
Philosophy Forum
It depends on how one defines 'philosophy' and whether 'cool' refers to something that is popular, or something that is considered superior. Philosophy is a discipline or field of...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyFrontiers of Quantum Mechanics
10 Posts • 5726 Views
Science & Technology Forum
One thing about quantum computers, you do not need flourine molecules to make them work. There are several approaches to making qubits, although I don't know how many have successfully been done...
 64yrs • M
God exists for all thoese who have faith in him.
THREAD PhiloSophos: An Online Philosophy Resource
1 Posts • 2563 Views
PhiloSophos is an online, open learning resource for philosophy students. PhiloSophos aims to provide inspiration and advice for students, in addition to its library of philosophical articles. Apart f...
THREAD God in ReligionDid God really make us in his image?
10 Posts • 6129 Views
Religion Forum
Our true image, at the quantum scale, is a quantum world of waves under partial control of our unique perspective. God's true image, at the quantum scale, is a quantum universe of waves under...
THREAD Relativity:The miracle of movement
24 Posts • 4434 Views
Philosophy Forum
All philosophy is bullshit! from ziltoid aparently yet he has his own philosophy regarding himself which he also seems to think is bullshit, try reading a book on philosophy, nietzsche is good and so...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionCould one live their philosophy?
8 Posts • 3154 Views
Philosophy Forum
I base my philosophy on how the world actual is. My philosophy is nilhilism. I hate having to adopt this philosophy because it is depressing me,so I use lots activities to make me sort of happy.
THREAD Why is Philosophy like General Motors?
4 Posts • 1663 Views
Philosophy Forum
Dead aim, Coberst. Yet -- I consider myself a product of Western philosophy, and yet I see no fundamental issue that makes cognitive function in even its most abstract forms incompatible with a mec...
THREAD Life & DeathCritique My Philosophy of Life?
12 Posts • 6997 Views
Philosophy Forum
Over the past few years, I have created my philosophy of life, a 13-page document that may be found by doing the following: (1) Google "Philo Sofer" (2) Follow the first link (My Philoso...
 28yrs • M
< no additional information provided >
 36yrs • M
Philosophy, what else?
THREAD What is philosophy?
5 Posts • 4126 Views
Philosophy Forum
My experience with philosophy has been this : - words never mean what they mean in real life - philosophy involves redefining things to make them less contradictory - philosophy is reasoning from p...
 55yrs • M
THREAD Physics & CosmologyBlack Holes
25 Posts • 7913 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Ya, what ever they are, perhaps a sun of such density pressure that its surface emittions are in the upper regions of th e-m spectrum? Would probably have to exist nearer to cenral core (gravimetric c...
THREAD Philosophy and Skin Cream?
8 Posts • 3051 Views
Philosophy Forum
Philosophy is now used to sell "Skin Cream" in adds! I found this stuff looking up the word "philosophy" on Google. It completely blew my mind. This is the address if anyone wants...
THREAD What is philosophy?
5 Posts • 4126 Views
Philosophy Forum
every science was considered philosophy until the abstractions were taken out of them. i don't know, but saying philosophy involves no numbers or specific truths isn't very accurate. just lo...
 28yrs • M
Your Mind is Yours, Mine is mine
 30yrs • F
Until the philosophy which hold one race
THREAD Do we really exist?
31 Posts • 16489 Views
Philosophy Forum
In a quantum sense, you're as eternal as the universe itself. Your thought parterns, and their subsequent accumulation of quantum/electric ghosts(Your Mind), have existed throughout all time,...
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