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Tagged > Government
THREAD GovernmentThank you Republicans
21 Posts • 4553 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
DumbKid, Your handle, grammar and questions to me raises red flags. But here is a generalization of why I stated my opinion in this thread. In short.... I have a tendency of explaining too much a...
THREAD Commonsense Australian Politics
15 Posts • 2188 Views
Talk Talk
Imagine if this was said about Jewish Zionists or Christian Extremists etc etc. It is of course the only way to even attempt being fair about it. But then of course to stop extremists and terro...
THREAD ElectionsRemarkable State of the Union Speech...
85 Posts • 15245 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Xris, man you spend to much time soaking up government propagada. Get out more, maybe go to some foreign countries, then you may see all they tell you, is not the truth. The only biggotry comes from...
THREAD What does God have to say about it?
10 Posts • 2770 Views
Talk Talk
Teacher, I tend to think you missed some point being asked? Or perhaps the question should have been stated in a general form, not being specifically asked of you? A friend of mine has an older car...
THREAD I don't actually dislike Bush
17 Posts • 3863 Views
Talk Talk
You need to read my posts more carefully. Anyway: e.g.'s: J immy Carter called him worst president ever in relation to foreign affairs and here: http://www.freepress. org/columns/disp...
THREAD War & TerrorismThe Iran War
23 Posts • 6315 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Excerpt: U.S. Government Uses Al-Qaeda To Attack Iran Bush authorizes group formerly headed by alleged 9/11 mastermind to be bankrolled & armed by CIA for covert regime change Paul Joseph Watso...
THREAD Dieting & Ideology: Delusional Duality?
1 Posts • 1434 Views
Philosophy Forum
Dieting & Ideology: Delusional Duality? I suspect most of us have seen the NutriSystem commercial on TV many times. This is a 'weight loss' system said to 'Transform Your Body'. It is touted t...
THREAD War & TerrorismOh God... Not again.
0 Posts • 1235 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
*clown* As my last post was very verbose (verbally robust) anti-bush & the perception on Iraq/ Iran confrontation, I will try to be a little quieter with criticism. Does the US & other nation...
THREAD Law & GovernmentShould drugs be legalised?
14 Posts • 3239 Views
Philosophy Forum
Yes, it should not be criminalized period. The evidence is clear, crime reduction by up to 80-90%, addicts receiving help rather than criminal status and treatment that tends to force them into bei...
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
wrote this message as a reply directly to Lady Tazman for what she said this morning, but then decided to share with all... Thank-you so much for being a voice of reason amidst the din of idiots!!...
THREAD What Borders?
24 Posts • 6959 Views
Talk Talk
Blackout On Violent Illegal Alien Invasions of Schools, County Buildings, Stabbings In Santa Ana Government buildings locked down during protests in fear of attacks Paul Joseph Watson & Alex J...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityWar - What The Hell Is It Good For
164 Posts • 25213 Views
Philosophy Forum
"Im not gonna get back into that nation argument again with you because I think we have both exhausted it and frankly I think your point is nonsensical." Well I think its nonesensical and s...
THREAD SocietyThe Capitalism Debate!!!!
95 Posts • 24128 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
" But it is not democracy or its creator. Capitalism is a creation of democracy." Capitalism existed before democracy. Capitalism, in fact existed before government. Capitalism is as simple...
THREAD War & TerrorismChomsky and WTC
0 Posts • 607 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
We all know that one of the principle elements of crime investigation is motive, with a careful examination of those who have benefited from a crime being key. Yet with regard to 911 (and those wh...
THREAD GovernmentMy Democrat amigos MUST READ!
30 Posts • 5685 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
No offense CT, half the time I do not follow you. When Revelations says...'Get out of her...' (Babylon was a city of pagans, and sin..and in no way does it represent Catholics. Gee patri,...
THREAD Governmentdo you think the United Nations should....
17 Posts • 5535 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Was Pearson a whiny liberal? An appeaser?...probably, that's who the nobel peace prize always goes to. That's why Jimmy Carter got a peace prize. The Iraqi government was not only suspec...
THREAD ChristianityExcerp: America is not a Christian Nation
155 Posts • 36000 Views
Religion Forum
'ACLU is NON christian...where do you get those ideas?' The ACLU claims no specific denomination, as an organization and claims nonpartisan policies, but the majority of its members, and its very f...
THREAD GovernmentS.Korea steps up foot-and-mouth quarantine
1 Posts • 1446 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak called Thursday for tighter quarantine measures to combat the rapid spread of the country's worst outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. Since the highly co...
THREAD SocietyEnd the war on drugs now!!!!!!
7 Posts • 3266 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I remember Reagon's war on drugs. The government could seeze all of your property if they found a pot plant growing on it. Lots of people lost their homes and businesses. I've seen the o...
62 Posts • 18619 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/ meast/01/13/sprj.nirq.bremer/ http://www.cnn.com/2004/WOR LD/meast/01/13/sprj.nirq.gov/i ndex.html The Iraqi government should be elected in 2005. At which if you rea...
THREAD War & TerrorismRussian invasion of Georgia
5 Posts • 1913 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Yes, because invading a province that was a part of your nations land is evil and oppressive. No one has the right to attack a separatist group. Just let them go and take whatever with them. That's th...
THREAD LawAbortion
17 Posts • 5153 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
"If you kill it, it doesn't even have a chance to have feelings and thought. That "blob" is a human-to-be and that in itself is a good enough reason it keep it." What about a...
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Treason "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners...
THREAD SocietyMichael Moore
3 Posts • 2662 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
"Are you proud that nearly 3 billion people on this planet do not have access to clean drinking water when we have the resources and technology to remedy this immediately?" Immediat ely! R...
THREAD SocietyIs America playing with fire ?
141 Posts • 26430 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
The UN? We don't care about the UN, not sure if that is truely a bad thing, consitering it doesn't do much. The UN crafted in a very bad way. Our government is set up in such a way that our...
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