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Police should go where they are needed

User Thread
 28yrs • M
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Police should go where they are needed
i live in West Brighton. We had a fire department separate from the Brighton Fire Department until recently. As West Brighton is underfunded, the our department was largely volunteer based. Our Town Supervisor recently got rid of our department and paid a neighboring towns fire department to protect us. I think its pretty dumb as the trucks are farther and all that, but the whole thing made me wonder.

The town of Brighton is a wealthy town heavily populated by white folk. The only crimes that ever seem to go down are my high school classmate's parties being busted. Why dont we rent our cops out to the city or somewhere that needs more police protection? I would rather see a drug deal get busted than an awkward gathering of teenagers sipping on some brews. Or maybe they could prevent some murders even?

Whenever I would drive my friend to his house deep in the city, there would be no cops to be seen.

Every time I drive from my Brighton friends to my house in West Brighton I see at least 1 cop car.

I guess it just seems like we have an excess of police where we dont need them and not enough where we do. I cant help but think they are scared

any thoughts?

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 41yrs • F •
I definitely think that police should go where they're needed - where I live there is an abundance of cops allocated solely for the purpose of handing our speeding tickets, and this is not because of the noble effort of trying to prevent accidents, this is just to collect more money for the state. I have even heard stories anout how cops have a certain 'quota' to reach in regards to speeding fines.

As for your example of more cops being in affluent areas versus much less in crime prone areas - I lean towards it being a monetary thing - where the wealthier citizens who provide more money to the region want to feel safer, even though they aren't at risk, so the police department is obliged to appease them by stationing more cops in their area. Money dominates and controls most political things in my opinion, and there being more cops to protect the wealthy is likely politically motivated.

I think the idea of renting cops is an awesome one - if it were available it is feasible that more impoverishment areas would try to fundraise the funds needed to keep their streets safer.

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Police should go where they are needed
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