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Cancer - The Forbidden Cures

User Thread
 34yrs • M •
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Cancer - The Forbidden Cures
The title explains it all. Enjoy
This video appears to have been removed

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 63yrs • M
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Misdirection 1

No one knows how many used to die of cancer in 1900, as the diseases of cancer for which there are very many were unrecognised as such, and deaths by cancer would simply go unnoticed.
Far from this evidence being presented as a problem, or some kind of sinister conspiracy; it is actually a measure of the massive advances made by medicine.

Misdirection 2

The claim is that there is much money to be made from treatment in the US, and that means no one wants to cure - only to treat. Whist that might be partly true in the US. It does not apply to cash strapped public health programs such as those in the UK. SO why does UK medicine also promote and research the same treatments? Opps conclusion is false.

ESIAC is basically pureed shit. Now one is going to waste time on this nonsense.
When I got cancer i looked into this stuff and read throughout their 'literature'. Simply enough it was full of claims that were false. False in the way that the claims even if they were true were beyond any reasonable means of making such a claim, such as "the treatment removed every cancer cell in her body".
With the best will in the world not even the best doctors could make such a claim because you cannot look at every cell in your body.
It was clear to me and any one of reasonable intelligence that the whole thing was written for morons, gullible fools scared and fearful of their situation , and willing to shell out good cash in the hope ANY hope of a cure.
The peddlers of ESSIAC were only too willing to take their cash.

I don' give a rat's arse who made this vid, but he ought to be taken out and shot.

ESSIAC is not a "FORBIDDEN CURE" any idiot can go out and buy it, and drink it without any medical supervision.
Neither is it a CURE.
It's just a collection of herbs that you can get in any garden put in a blender and sold for 500 times their value.

If you are suicidal and get cancer then refuse treatment and drink that shit.

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Cancer - The Forbidden Cures
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