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Humans must unite. - Page 4

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 24yrs • F •
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I think some people are misunderstanding Thx a lot here when he says "the earth will be here with or without us". If humans destroy the planet, ruin all the ecosystems, etcetera etcetera, it would really suck. We would probably go extinct at some point. However, there would still be some life. Things would evolve. Bacteria, fungus, and archaea will pretty much always be there. Evolution may be set back a half a billion years or so but maybe it will go in a new direction after that. Just like the extinction of the dinosaurs, we will also set things in a new direction if we cover the planet in carbon dioxide and monoxide. Maybe something will evolve that consumes massive quantities of all the waste we left behind. Everything we remember about the earth will be gone but life will still be there - the future is not as bleak as it sounds. It just sounds like you aren't going to be there to see it, and you aren't going to recognize anything you'd see. So from any human point of view, yes, it's bleak. But objectively, the world is fine.

By the way, about eugenics: It is evolutionarily disadvantageous to have a single homogenous breed of a population no matter what the breed is. The current genetic state of the human population, however, is fairly evolutionarily advantageous: we have many populations that are separated by distance, which preserves their individual traits, and we also have intermixing between populations that allows new traits to be created, without intermixing so much that we are all homogeneous hybrids of all populations combined, and without separating the populations so much that we never get new combinations. If we use eugenics, sexual reproduction becomes useless because the point is to shuffle the genes and make something new and better by combining 2 successful sets of genes, but it doesn't work when you don't have different sets of genes to shuffle.

It is evolutionarily a very bad idea to hand-select which humans must be removed because you never know which traits are going to be useful in the future. Hey, for all you know, stupidity could be advantageous one day. It certainly works in politics.

As for this general "uniting" idea: if it ever happens, it is probably going to take a long time to happen. For now, just try not to blow each other up through the internet so that maybe there are some people left to unite when we actually get around to it.

Almost forgot to mention : yes we should definitely enforce the 1 child policy worldwide or at least in as many places as possible. It would be very beneficial to achieving the overall goal of not starving ourselves or killing each other.

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Humans must unite. - Page 4
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