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A Dream That's Been Bothering Me, please help...

User Thread
 28yrs • M •
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A Dream That's Been Bothering Me, please help...
Hi everyone. First of all some background: I'm a senior in high school and I had this dream that's been driving me crazy for days! I think it's applicable to include that the last time I had a girlfriend it lasted from middle school until the beginning of tenth grade when she broke it off, and it left me heartbroken. I've tried to talk to girls since then and while they seem interested, they always drift away, leaving me confused. I think I also need to mention I have a slightly nihilistic view of humanity (nothing extreme or that shows in public) but I often feel mankind can be more dangerous than helpful. Now to the dream.

I start off working at this huge hotel, when an apocalyptic disaster happens. Whether it's natural or man made is never clear. The hotel remains standing, so we open up to refugees. A girl my age comes in alone, with all her belongings in a bag. She asks me to store them for her in the hotel vault which is apparently not allowed. I have no feelings for her, and almost feel anger towards her, but I feel the need to store her belongings anyway to keep them safe from marauders. I also make her a journal or map (?) of ways to survive the city. Some time passes and I realize we need to get out of the hotel for some reason. I still dislike the girl although I'm realizing she has feelings for me. We take my car and drive away, but then we get in a wreck or something, and the car breaks and she is injured. I get out and scavenge for med supplies when we happen upon to other teens (girl and guy) in the ruins who had just had sex. I find med supplies, and the guy asks for some because he too is injured (not from sex haha) but I deny him any help, because I begin to feel he is responsible in some way for the girl's injuries (the one with me). I think this because I feel he is a representation of mankind. At this moment I get strong feelings for the girl. A great loving passion, and in this passion I feel rage that the world has done this too her, and I end up fighting the guy. My hate and anger drives her away and she decides to travel with them instead leaving me alone. Many years later after the world has reconstructed, a different girl shows up at the hotel. She is a friend of the girl I knew many years ago, and informs me that that girl has married the man she decided to go with, and they had a baby. She shows me a picture on her phone. I tell her to wait, and go to the vault and retrieve the girls belongings and journal I made which I had kept safe all these years. I then ask if I could call the girl to apologize for the pain I caused. She hands me the phone and I make the call. I hear the phone ring, but with each passing ring, it gets quieter, and quieter, until I go completely deaf. I don't know if she picked up, but I did know I would never hear her voice again. Then I woke up.

I appreciate any ideas, because it's been scaring me for days.
Keywords: dream, anger, love, pain, time,

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A Dream That's Been Bothering Me, please help...
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