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What type of women do men want?

User Thread
 38yrs • M
darius27 is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
What type of women do men want?
I've noticed a recurring pattern in friends and acquaintances regarding the type of women they prefer... and I'm talking fairly good looking, alpha-male athletic types... While these type of men will fuck all sorts of women just because they can, they inevitably prefer and end up with women who are athletic and fit themselves, good-looking, that don't behave like club-going attention whores....

These type of women are disciplined in their diet and workout regime, which heavily impacts other areas of their life and most importantly, their relationships... Discipline with the body is almost required in a potential mate if you ever expect to have a girl who can be disciplined in a relationship... by disciplined i do NOT mean submissive like some ugly as sin Southeast Asian chick that overweight white men long for.....I mean someone who is capable of enduring everyday life with you that will not require constant emotional pampering....

Unfortunately this group of women is a very, very small minority, and you have to compete with many similar type of well-intentioned men like yourself with similar ideals.

A women who works out consistently and with intensity( i.e. doesn't just do 40min of cardio and calls it a day) develops her own sense of independence and strength without needing the support of a man...yet because she has paid so much attention to how hard work can change her body, she gains much more respect for a man that works very hard for his body as well....
Contrast this to the typical do-able club-going slut that will take a man's body that he worked so hard for, for granted... in fact, she might just see you as a sex-object ironically enough, as she goes on obliviously fucking everything, always at the club, always needing attention to validate her self-worth... guys just "game" a chick like this quite easily but obviously never get anything from it but sex... both parties aren't doing each other any favors besides venting pent up sexual frustration....

The athletic chick, although obviously still a women and requires the typical things a women require, will see the mutual physical progression with each other bodies as the building blocks to a positive future based first and foremost on health.... You won't have to deal with a chick that just "has" to go to the club every weekend and get drunk.... You get a girl that has a smokin' body and appreciates the finer details that go into having such a body.... She eats cleanly, thus she thinks more clearly( there is a correlation there) she doesn't or very rarely drinks because this would interfere with her fitness goals( this is one of the most positive benefits...nothing worse than dating an alcoholic)....she has more energy for sex... she'll be more engaging in sex because she's fit...

There are, of course, still sharks in this group of women... But generally, this type of women will see going out with a rich, uglier man just for money as a thing of shame vs the club chick, who very hot herself, is more prone to shark like behavior.

These type of women are generally off-limits to men that are not themselves very fit and decent looking... although because they seem to be more down to earth and honest generally, a guy with a great personality still has a shot. It goes without saying that since these women regard strength so highly that a great deal of self-confidence is required and gaming a chick like this would be very difficult.... These women are very confident themselves and have less shame issues with their bodies than the average chick, so you won't be able to play on her insecurities the same way you would a normal girl.

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 38yrs • M
darius27 is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
Yes, I would say some high-fitness women ( i like that term ) do it just to improve their bodies in a very superficial way. They become very image-obsessed just like other girls but take it to another level because not only are they naturally good looking, now they have well chiseled bodies and have become the highest commodity.... but i really believe this is the minority...

Then there's the naturally average looking girl who takes up something like crossfit... she probably had huge insecurities with her body like most women growing up and now this is a way to unleash her womenly power and feel a new sense of confidence.

I will add also that women in high fitness are working out with very fit men all the time too so the demeanor of these men rubs off on them... usually these guys are pretty decent, above average athletic, medium income people that love the lifestyle of staying healthy... and so the women, trying to gain approval of the man, takes on the healthy living lifestyle which becomes almost a philosophy for life itself...

I would say a similar amount of work ethic goes into a variety of different types of actions, and so if you pointed out one a woman engages in that does NOT make her more attractive to men, then I would say "perhaps that is true".

I'm not quite sure what you mean... a women that commits all her energy to lying on the couch and eating isn't going to be very attractive.... but say, a women that commits her energy to being a writer but doesn't exercise or at least not to a high degree...she's not going to empathize with a man's natural aggression as well as the women that exercises to a high degree does... she experiences an outlet for aggression and she get to experience how a man gets his aggression out in a physical way as well... not just sexually or through dialoging... so connecting on this level may be important to a relationship...

There's also the idea that women may feel inferior to men in the beauty department... and a fit women may try to get in the best shape possible to win the approval of the beautiful highly aesthetic male... a women that is really into fitness will start to become more observant of aesthetics and appreciate and/or feel inferior to a beautiful male or want to share in that beauty as a couple.

My dilemma so far is finding a girl who is really into fitness but understands that it's only a base... a lot of time, girls ( and guys) become complacent even with this and never try to develop themselves spiritually, or they feel because they've worked so hard in the gym they aren't obligated to read and research anymore...

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 42yrs • M
Egregious is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
I for one don't want a high-fitness, independent, decisive, goal-centred, career-oriented, rational woman.

I want a dependent, submissive, emotional, feminine woman who lets me be in charge.

I am not attracted to men, or the masculine. All of the aforementioned qualities are inherently masculine,and far too many modern women are trying to acquire these characteristics.

We like them soft, we like them docile, we like them submissive. We like the feminine.

Just like most of them like us hard, confident, self-assured, decisive, and sharp. They like the masculine.

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What type of women do men want?
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