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Telescopes for Astrophotography

User Thread
 42yrs • F •
Telescopes for Astrophotography
For may years I have been wanting to do astrophotography. I think next year sometime I will get started with it. I am even contemplating making my own telescope, but atm I pretty much know nothing about telescopes and very little about where to start with astrophotography. So I have alot of research to do and will probably get my really head buried into it sometime next year.

To start figuring out what quality of telescopes I would need for astrophotography, right now I am trying to find photographs of the sorts of astronomical objects I would like to capture and seeing if I can find out what equipment the photogapher used to take it. This way I know what quality/range of equipment I'll need to accumulate or make in order to get the shots I want. I don't want to end up getting or making a telescope that doesn't show the inter stellar views that I want.

The image of M31 below belongs to Matt BenDaniel, who is an astrophotogarpher. It was taken using a Astro-Physics 130 EDF telescope, a Astro-Physics 600E QMD mount and a Pentax 67. An Astro-Physics 130 EDF telescope/refractor costs about $6000 USD.

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 49yrs • M •
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Hi there, just wondering if you managed to get any further forward with getting a telescope. I got a telescope a couple of years ago and did have ideas of astrophotography but they have been put on hold for a while, apart from the expense of needing a really good camera, the telescope that I've got is just not good enough, even though to me it's amazing for what it does, to serious astronomers it's just a beginners. It's a celstron astromaster 114 which is a reflector. Also trying to get away from light pollution is a big factor for me, although I do live in the highlands of Scotland it's just managing to get far away enough from the city lights. I've been noticing all of your other posts on similar subjects and I too am fascinated by all space related matters, it's impossible not to be. I did manage to take a half decent photo of the Moon using the telescope but I'll post that in pictures.

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Telescopes for Astrophotography
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