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Son Wanting Sex With Mom VS Daughter Wanting Sex With Dad

User Thread
 42yrs • F •
Son Wanting Sex With Mom VS Daughter Wanting Sex With Dad
Whether a person wanting to have sex with their parental figure is an correct/incorrect desire is not the focus of this thread. The focus is whether or not there is a lack of equality in the social reception of such desires. Is a female who wants to have sex with her father considered more dirty, more unacceptable than a male who wants to have sex with his mother? I am of the mind that it is socially unequal. That if a male comes forth about his desire to have sex with his mother, no matter how taboo, is much more well recieved in society and with more respect, in the sense that he is taken more seriously than a female who expresses her desire for sex with her father. A female who comes out about such desires is viewed far more negatively and with repulsion than a male who wants to have sex with their mother.

I came to this opinion after reading various threads on other forums and Q&A sites - comparing responses to female posters who initiated the topic of wanting to have sex with their fathers versus males towards their mothers.

Some of the differences noted:
Females who wanted to have sex with their fathers:
- recieved far more attack responses
- recieved profanity (being called a slut, bitch)
- recieved far more non-serious responses, the sort of responses you would find in reponse to a porn video
- most of the positive responses seemed to be from men who were turned on by the original poster's comment, hence did not seem genuinely positive/helpful

Males who wanted to have sex with their fathers:
- recieved far more responses where repliers expressed that they too wanted to have sex with their mothers
- recieved more replies that were more lengthy and positive, as in more nurturing in an attempt to help the original poster

I'm interesting in knowing your thoughts - whether you agree/disagree about there being a social imbalance?

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 32yrs • M •
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I think it depends on where in the world you see this desire brought up, but for the most part men are bias to the thoughts of other men and most of the time their morality comes second to desire, so if one man admits to having said desires then chances are other men will back him up and attempt to rationalize it, where as women are more impartial to the whole gender thing and tend to be more moral in their sense of thought. Think about it, for the most part, men will justify their desires and oppose a women's simply because of sexism, and the women that find this desire to be wrong are thinking in a more moral way finding this desire to be immoral. So it make sense that society (both men and women) see this desire to be more negative for a women than for men. does that make it right for women to be more negatively viewed? No of course not. Persanlly I think it's wrong to actually want to carry this out but I suppose it is a natural thought and everyone and everything should be equal in every sense of th word.

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Son Wanting Sex With Mom VS Daughter Wanting Sex With Dad
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