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Abusive Mothers

User Thread
 41yrs • F •
Abusive Mothers
The 'kill mom' thread is pretty extensive and I wanted to read more stories about people with abusive mothers and what forms of abuse they encounter. I came across this yahoo answers page titled 'What makes an abusive mother/daughter relationship', a snapshot is below so you can read the question and the best answer - which is a terrible answer, far from the truth and completely wrong. There are actually other better answers provided, but they were not voted as best so the poor young person who asked the question, could very well take the notions presented by the answer voted best, as truth.

But I don't think the problem is isolated to this one example. Many people hold this view, that unless a child is sexually/physically/overly verbally abused, that it does not constitute as abuse.

Perhaps slowly people are starting to understand that the circumference of abuse is much more wider than they would like to believe - there was post recently by Decius which pointed to a study which found belittling kids is just as bad as imparting violence on them.

An emotionally controlling/manipulative mother, or father, will have hazardous effects on her children, especially when the child is told it as normal and that it doesn't constitute as abuse. If a child is told the truth, that yes, your mom is causing you pain by manipulating you, that her behaviour is the source of your depression/anxiety/mental trauma, then that child will be better equipped to deal with the situation.

It's an injustice when a child, of their own accord, evaluates something correct about his/her situation, only to be told by someone who is considered an 'adult', that their conclusions are wrong.

Do any of you have abusive/manipulative mother stories? If you do have an abusive mother, how did/do you deal with it?

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 56yrs • M •
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The only way I can describe the absolute hell I've gone through at the hands of my mother is to relate a sharp memory that came up during meditation.

I was 7 years old and my mother was screaming at me because the school was calling her while she was at work wondering why I wasn't coming to school. The reason I wasn't going to school was because I was so hungry I couldn't get out of bed. My mother was trying to kill my twin sister by starving her to death because she hated her and wished she was never born. When I started sharing my food with her she started treating me the same way. I had to stay home all the time because I was terrified of leaving my mom alone with my sis.

I didn't have any clothes, food or a blanket The house we lived in was disgustingly dirty and didn't have working bathrooms.

My mother was never really home because she was out trolling for men, but when she was home she would scream and yell from the time she got home until the neighbors would finally call to tell her they needed to go to sleep.

And it wasn't normal yelling, she would speak in tongues almost like she was possessed and beat herself in the head..

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Abusive Mothers
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