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Fight for Women's Equality!

User Thread
 56yrs • M
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Fight for Women's Equality!
The controversy of Rush Limbaugh's comments has brought the question of women's oppression to the forefront of the news. As a Trotskyist sympathizer I believe we should fight for the following:

1) Free contraception for all who want it!

2) Free abortion on demand!

3) Free quality childcare for all working women!

4) Equal pay for equal work!

5) Defend the Second Amendment! Women should have the right to defend themselves against violent men with the Second Amendment.

In the Soviet Union of Lenin and Trotsky women got the right to an abortion in 1919. Women in the Soviet Union got the right to vote a year before they got the right to vote in the USA. Soviet women had the right to free child care. Some of these gains were reversed under Stalin. Down with Stalinism!

Feminists and bourgeois feminism in general has betrayed the struggle for women's rights by focusing on pornography and male-bashing when they should have been fighting for women's rights. Bourgeois feminists made a treacherous betrayal of the struggle for women's rights when they make common cause with right-wing religious fanatics on the issue of pornography.

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 45yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Cainchild is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Yeah, it's all a MANS fault. A women isn't choosing to have unprotected sex and get pregnant, let's make not just one man, but ALL men pay for the mans crime of her asking for sex.
And yes, obviously it's totally acceptable and preferable that women are given the option to murder any man they want with only the accusation of abuse.
I know that even though women are more likely to hit in a relationship than men are (fact), and substantially more likely to engage psychological abuse(fact) it would NEVER be OK for a man to even complain, much less defend himself.
You Sir, are a white knight fool.
I pray that you have sons, and that they are all gunned down by their women the day after they make that bio-donation.
You can high five their murderers.

I am not even going get into the equal pay myth. The argument is utter ignorance based on the need for chimps like yourself to pander to women.

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"Fear is the emotion that prevents us from doing thing we shouldn't have thought of to begin with."
 41yrs • F •
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I have to agree that the feminist movement in this country derailed. As far as sexual liberation within feminism, the underlying idea is for women to recognize and accept ourselves as autonomous, sexual beings. Our sexuality is a facet of our identity that we are encouraged to repress for the sake of respect from other people or to exploit for the sake of entertaining them.

Every crusty old man reminiscing about yonder year, when an aspirin between the knees was all the birth control any decent woman needed, seems to have a brooding wife and/or mistress standing over his shoulder. Or he enjoys traveling to foreign lands where the prostitutes are 14. I love coincidence. Given a choice between acting as Madonna or Whore, women traditionally have fulfilled a role that has been offered to us, not one that we've had a hand in creating. The boys with white hair, money and big voices have no interest in or respect for anything outside their paper doll wives or their lustful, unspoken indiscretions. It's not part of their reality.

Women bear the weight of sexual responsibility, and we tend to bear it alone. A guy can make a mistake and never look back. A girl makes the same mistake and her life changes forever.

"We won't help you pay for birth control. Just don't have sex-you sexy little thing. You can't terminate your pregnancy. You got knocked up, so you should have to live with those consequences. You have that baby. Then, when you can't support it, we're going to tell you how worthless you are for not being able to take care of your own child and for sponging public dollars. And just look at your child. You can't be much of a parent when you're never home. You should be ashamed, raising that one without a father. It's no wonder you're kid is so rotten. I think it's an atrocity that my tax dollars go to pay for your bad decisions. A shot of penicillin took care of mine."

Do you smoke? Drink? Over-eat? Drive too fast? Exercise too little? Manage stress poorly? All of those things are behaviors and lifestyle choices that promote the need for doctor visits and prescription medications. Sexually active women, though...Well that's different. If these sluts could control themselves, the expense wouldn't arise.

It's every man for himself, right? You reap the benefits, but refuse to pay the price. That sense of entitlement to what you want, armed with slicing judgment for the people who give it to you, is what generates the anger and hatred that is so commonly associated with feminism.

I don't think this whole issue is really a man versus woman thing, though. I could give two shits if Rush were look down his nose at me. The disdain is mutual. It's really about money. Sex-based discrimination is incidental from a financial perspective. It's a sociopathic inability to empathize, coupled with greed that's really at play. The blatant disrespect is just a bonus.

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Fight for Women's Equality!
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