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End Welfare for the Rich!

User Thread
 57yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that WolfLarsen is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
End Welfare for the Rich!
Capitalism Sucks! Down with Welfare for the Rich!
By Wolf Larsen

Under capitalism the working people pay most of the taxes. The rich people and the large corporations, on the other hand, hardly paying taxes at all (according to Yahoo! News). It is interesting that whenever a working person who has paid taxes their entire lives asks for help from their government they are denounced as feeling that they are entitled to something. On the other hand, when the wealthy and large corporations are in difficulty they immediately receive giant bailouts to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Under capitalism what you have is an endless variety of entitlement programs for the rich and large corporations. Every time you turn around you hear about our elected officials giving the rich some new tax break. Large corporations are offered endless tax breaks as well as part of a "business-friendly environment". We are told that endless tax breaks for the rich and large corporations creates jobs, but the truth is under capitalism there is always unemployment. Capitalism and unemployment are like twins. Higher unemployment rates depress wages, because workers are terrified of asking for a raise when there are a zillion unemployed people desperate for a job.

So while the rich and powerful live a life of luxurious leisure the working people slave away. Currently large corporations are making record profits because they are extracting more work from those that are lucky enough to have a job. The large corporations lay people off and force the remaining employees to work harder.

I believe in hard work. However, hard work should be rewarded. But under capitalism the bosses reap all the rewards from the hard work of others.

The working people deserve a larger share of the wealth, because it is the working people that are producing the wealth. The working people deserve their Social Security, because they have paid for it their entire working lives. If you work hard and pay taxes you deserve Social Security disability if your health severely declines and you are unable to work. And if you work hard your entire life and pay taxes then you deserve a comfortable retirement, you deserve the Social Security benefits and pensions that should come with old-age. But the large corporations have attacked unions and pensions, and now the politicians are talking about attacking Social Security.

The politicians and the capitalist news media tell us that Social Security is in crisis. Why is Social Security in "crisis"? The reason the politicians want to attack Social Security is because they want us to die if we have serious health problems and are unable to work. And they also want us to die when we are too old to work. Instead of spending our tax money on Social Security and other programs the US government prefers to spend the money on making war in places like Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Iraq and Afghanistan might as well be new words for Vietnam. In addition, the American government loves to spend vast amounts of money for exotic weapons of mass destruction. The US government has more weapons of mass destruction than any other government in the entire world. However, when it comes to helping injured veterans the US government often puts endless bureaucratic obstacles in the way of these injured veterans, instead of giving them the benefits that they need and are entitled to.

Another reason that our government is broke is that the rich and the corporations do not pay any taxes. Instead the rich and the corporations receive hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts. Under capitalism what we have is endless entitlement programs for the rich.

In addition, workers are also increasingly burdened by medical debt because American capitalism is incapable of providing good affordable medical care. Your copayments go up and up, and that's if you're lucky enough to have health insurance. Meanwhile the rich people get the best medical care in the world.

With food, medical, and other expenses going up working people in America and throughout the world find themselves in a difficult financial position. The reason for this is that under capitalism the wealth becomes concentrated in the hands of the privileged few, and every year the working people have less.

Capitalism is a system whereby the rich make a class war against the working people. The police - who are increasingly becoming armed with military equipment - are the hired thugs of the capitalists. The same police that are shooting minority youth in the back are the same police that are attacking white, black, and Latino workers on the picket line. The laws and the courts are biased on the side of the rich people. The politicians of both political parties are on the side of the rich and the big corporations. The US government is even discussing the possibility of giving the Army the authority to imprison Americans without even so much as a trial.

Capitalism means endless war. Under capitalism there is the class war where the rich and big corporations terrorize the working people into submission. In addition, under capitalism there is always a never-ending series of wars with other countries. The names of the wars change but what doesn't change is the constant state of war. The Cold War is replaced by the war on terrorism. The McCarthyite witch hunt is replaced by the war on drugs. Under this constant state of war imperialist countries like United States terrorize the peoples of less powerful nations like Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Under this constant state of war the US government terrorizes and represses the American people. The so-called war on terrorism is just an excuse for the American government to terrorize not only the people of Iraq and Afghanistan but to terrorize the American people as well. The Patriot Act, for example, is a full-scale assault on our civil liberties. Increasingly, the US government is also launching an anti-sex witchhunt where Americans are thrown in jail for viewing teenage pornography or having consensual sex with teenagers. Teenagers are not children! And often the viewers of pornography have no way of knowing whether a model in a picture on the Internet is 17 years old or 18 years old!

The US government is conducting a war of terror against the American working people. The US government is becoming an out-of-control police state that more and more is interfering in our personal lives. The authorities are using the Patriot Act,the war on terror, and the war on drugs as a means to attack our civil liberties. The government uses the police (and possibly in the future the Armed Forces) to beat the American people into submission. They want us to submit to losing our Social Security. They want us to submit to a medical system where more and more Americans find it difficult to afford their medical care while insurance companies and HMOs rake in the profits. They want us to submit to lower wages so the corporations can bring in ever larger profits.

Capitalism is an entitlement program for the rich. The working people pay endless taxes. But where does this tax money go? To bailouts for huge corporations! Capitalism is a welfare program for the rich. The working people work long hours to support the bourgeoisie, who are a parasitic class of people who live lives of luxurious leisure like 19th century French royalty.

No more welfare for the rich! No more entitlement programs for the rich! Let the bourgeoisie get a job! Let's throw capitalism in the garbage! The time has come for socialism! The time has come for workers to rule!

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 37yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that mutnuaq is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
What would you replace capitalism with and who would take the place of governmental leaders?

You? Would you shift all the power to your crowd then deem it good? Would you distribute the wealth of an entire nation according to your principles alone and deem it fair?

What exactly makes you qualified to not only run your own country but destroy the current system to benefit your own needs?

What makes you the authority on what is or isn't fair for an entire population of people?

Can you really say you have all the answers as to how to build a completely fair system for absolutely everyone involved?

Or would you simply destroy the other side and give to your side?

That isn't fair. That isn't free. It's a form of warfare.

Start being honest. You are engaging in class warfare. You only care about how it affects you and you don't care how socialism would affect the freedoms of everyone else so long as you get what you want.

Were you an only child? Where you spoiled then got out into the big bad world and suddenly mommy and daddy aren't giving you handouts so you look to the government to give you handouts? Now you want to steal from the rich and give to yourself.

If I want something you have could I simply take it in the name of fairness?

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 57yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that WolfLarsen is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
This Mutnuaq character does not engage in intellectual debate, he insults people personally. The guidelines of this website state that people are supposed to be civil to one another, and Mutnuaq is clearly violating these rules. He seems to want to engage people in a bar brawl on the Internet. If he wants to have a bar brawl why doesn't he just got to a rowdy bar and have a fight with somebody there?

In addition, when he "debates" people in this forum he deliberately misrepresents their point of view. Mutnuaq is not engaging in debate. This kind of behavior is dishonest.

In addition, Mutnuaq has posted racist comments on my threads. I would appreciate it if this character would stop posting on my threads. I want absolutely nothing to do with this guy.

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 37yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that mutnuaq is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
LoL racist? In what way?

All I said was that their own people are killing themselves 1000/1 compared to drones.

Also you are acting like a child. I've said NOTHING racist.

If you think calling someone "redneck" then you have a neurological disorder and should seek help immediately.

Also stop stealing my lines. I also said that you and decius ONLY make personal attacks and do not debate when wrong?

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End Welfare for the Rich!
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