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Why Obama isn't the worst

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 37yrs • M
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Why Obama isn't the worst
Okay for starters I'm an independent and don't like the two party system or the way issues are made relevant and debated. As for my views......I'm a fiscal conservative and social liberal. Social issues however are of little importance to me mostly because they are used to divide people and are always presented in a manner that is inflammatory however I do understand there importance because without the social pioneers out there this country wouldn't be the equal free place it was supposed to be but wasn't.

Now the right and the far left are both very upset with the president.

If you remember candidate Obama the left went wild believing his rhetoric and building the facade that was "hope and change". The republicans complained about the fantasy like belief that he could do those things without raising we all found out they were right and Obama has made little progress in the things that got him elected in the first place.

Alot of you ask yourselves why? Well if you look at him today he is much more somber and grey than when he began. He isn't happy at all with the decisions he has to make on a daily bases. I don't think he understood the gravity of being in office. It seems like it hit him like a ton of bricks.

Why else would he stay in Iraq and continue to pursue Al Qaeda? He knew that Bush was right about the surge being necessary to secure the country while the U.S. continued to train and prepare the Iraqi's to govern and protect their own people.

He has made as much or more progress than Bush would have had he had a third term.

While his cap and trade bill, stimulus' and Obama care were epic failures and drained the country of trillions he did actually do a pretty good thing with GM.

He brought that company from the brink and made it a profitable and prosperous American company again. He got in fixed it and got out. They have paid them back and are doing great. He proved to the right that the government does has a place in fixing the economy if done in the right way. He has however also showed America that government can completely bankrupt and cripple it's economy.

I don't know why people ALWAYS ignore the good things that the other side does. When someone is successful at something it's generally a good Idea to figure out why it was successful and tweak it a bit to fit your own desires.

People need to figure out that when a true believer like Obama is reluctantly doing what he thinks is necessary based on exponentially more information than the public has. Every time he speaks he looks disappointed that things are such a way he is backed into a corner and has no other choice.

He still has ALOT wrong with him but it's hard to judge someone in that position with all that information that we don't have.

I think the same can be said about Bush for that matter. As bad as he was as well. He still did some good and for all we know they are going to make this country safe and prosperous for the next century.

Typically when you concern yourself with the long term you have to sacrifice and make hard choices in the short term.

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Why Obama isn't the worst
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