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Georiga Guide Stones

User Thread
 37yrs • M
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Georiga Guide Stones

There are essentially a new 10 commandants on it written in 8 different languages.

It also was built in a way similar to stone hedge and has holes that line up with different celestial events.

Nobody knows where they come from or what they are there for.

The part that troubles most people is the part that says Limit the entire earth population to 500 million. And some believe this is a call to exterminate the majority of the planet.

This makes no sense to some because it was built by a mysterious buy during the cold war. It seems as if it's a guide on how humans should rebuild the planet after a mass die off of people.

Either way it's pretty cool and sense I'm only a state away it'd be cool to see them.

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 69yrs • M •
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I figured out that A PSEUDONYN is not a typo but a message in the form of a puzzle.

If you rotate the characters 180 degrees around both axis it reads.

" For each D2 (gene) there exists an intersection of one thousand N-lambda-N (genes).

I inserted genes for clarification.

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Georiga Guide Stones
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