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Right to choose Right to kill.

User Thread
 37yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that mutnuaq is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Right to choose Right to kill.
Okay we all know abortion isn't that important of an issue and it is mainly used to divide people from left to right however it is still an interesting issue.

The thing that gets me is RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

Are you saying that you have the Right to Choose to do anything you want if it affects your body?

Men cannot Choose not to work<affects their bodies does it not?> to support a child they don't want?

If women can kill babies the man wishes to have because it affects their bodies why can't a man say I don't want to sacrifice my body at work to pay for that child?

Now we know that if a baby is premature it can live right? The youngest was 21 weeks old. That's 5 months old. So if you were to cut out a 5 month old baby from a woman it could live. It was living in the mother and it lives outside of the mother. It's clearly it's own being. Killing a living human is called what? Please remind me what that's called....oh yeah I got it. Murder!

Now you may say it's not alive until it's out of the womb. Well...... it has brain waves which means it has thoughts. Humans innately have emotions as well. Emotions are a product of our brains. So it's an emotional being the moment it has a functional brain. They move and kick. When my wife was pregnant I could touch her belly and my daughter would find my finger and play with it from inside her mother.

Answer these questions if you dare, you Pro murderous choice crowd.

Is a baby a part of the womens body?
At what point is a baby an individual?
At what point is a baby living?

A baby isn't genetically the same as the mother. It's composed of half the mother's genes and half the fathers genes constructed in a totally different manner than the mothers. If you did a genetic test on the baby it wouldn't be the same as the mother at all. It's not at all an extension of the mother but rather a dependent human housed within the mother.

Now for all of you that say it's not human until it's born.

Lets say a human is grown within a tank. Assume it's grown to adulthood within the tank. Fully developed and physically an Adult. Could you kill that person in the tank? Would it not be murder? It was never outside the tank. If you say well it has it's eyes opened for years while it developed and it saw and felt things the whole time so it's different. Well babies feel move and open their eyes in the womb what's the difference? Age? As I said before 21 week old babies survive outside the womb.

Why is it a woman can choose to kill a baby inside herself because she is physically affected by the babies presence? What gives her the right to choose killing it just because it physically affects her? It's not a danger to her life. It isn't necessary for her survival.

Essentially what the baby does is causes them discomfort. And forces her to take care of it. A woman can kill because she doesn't want physical discomfort or financial discomfort because she has to support it the rest of her life.

A man with a physically demanding job is A physically taxing and damaging to their bodies. It's financially demanding as well. He doesn't have the right to just walk away from the responsibility . I'm not saying men should be allowed to I'm saying that women shouldn't be allowed to abort children when a child affects both parents and is just as much a part of the male as it is the woman. A woman just provides nourishment for a short time where a man typically provides the nourishment for the woman during pregnancy who in turns provides nourishment for the baby.

Can you kill a fully developed adult who's never been outside it's tank?
Is physical discomfort and financial discomfort reason enough to kill a fetus?

Keep in mind that pro women groups still believe PARTIAL BIRTH abortion should still be legal because it's the womans right to choose.

Partial birth abortion is when a crying baby is hanging half out the woman's vagina while they kill it.

Disgusting is it not?

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 35yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that awakendwraith is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Those are some pretty big extremes, which I'll give you, big extremes happen all the time, but lets take a look at a reasonable intelligent situation.

Couples been together.. idk... 5 and a half years. They're commited to each other, high school sweet hearts, never been with anyone else.

The female has just started her carrear after graduating college. They have waited this long because they want to be able to wholly dedicate themselves to their childs needs, to what ever extent is required to ensure a healthy person. Part of this has to do with fanancial planning that takes course over 10 years.

One month, after 5 years, she's late (not actually happening). They calculate time lines and learn that if she is pregnant it is only 10 days.

She wants an abortion because after so much planning and so much precaution an accident occurs that garantees a lower qaulity of life for everyone involved. Its not even two weeks.

I've looked up two weeks and to my recolection its pretty much nothing until about one month.

There is so much guilt and hatred for women in the situation described above that if they get an abortion they are likely to hate themselves for it the rest of their lives, when in truth they only had best interest in mind.

Are we supposed to deny medicine in tabboo areas? Even when that tabboo is completely illogical?

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"Why cry for those that often cry? Instead, help them smile, and smile for those that smile."
 37yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that mutnuaq is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Well you guys avoided the main question. Would it be murder if you killed a fully grown adult in a tank?

And actually men do have to support babies it's called child support. So yeah men can't elect to not pay for a child a woman wants but she can kill a baby that she doesnt want.

Now for "a part of her body" it's an independent living being who happens to temporarily reside in the females body.

Is it okay to kill a living adult in a tank considering he has never experienced the world the same as a fetus who both have working brains and eyes? It's okay to answer honestly, I won't judge.

Also it really seems as if you just read the first line then responded. I don't even care about abortion before brainwaves and heartbeats. I don't want anyone who would kill their own babies to procreate anyways because it's just going to lead to another generation of murderous selfish trash. I was making a point about a fully formed adult gestating in a tank to adulthood and whether or not it would be murder to kill that.

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 37yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that mutnuaq is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Okay how is partial birth abortion not murder?

Looks like murder to me. How about you? It's a baby that is fully developed dead. It was being birthed. It was hanging out of it's mother while a "doctor" killed it.
Why not just give it up for adoption? It's free legal and no strings attached.
It's already being birthed.

Defend it I dare you.


Yeah because of people like you That act was legal until 2003.

Well by that logic if you don't like the American pretense throughout the world why don't you go remove them yourself?

Since you don't like the republican's why don't you finance your own political party?

If you think everyone in my country should have an equal amount of money and things :socialism: why don't you pay for it?

See how childish and ignorant your train of thought is?

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 37yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that mutnuaq is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
It's her RIGHT to kill a child that is in the process of being birthed?

You do realize that the child is half out of her?

Do you also realize that she can just give it away?

How about you stop with your prescripted lines liberals always use in defense of something and actually produce a self made sentence defending HOW IT MAKES SENSE TO KILL A BABY THAT IS ALREADY BEING BIRTHED.

As for my country. You don't make any sense in saying anything about that. In my country means that you have Ideas about how people in the country I live in should behave. My meaning worry about YOUR own country,

Also all you seem to do is deflect.
Have you no substance?
Must you make everything personal?
Can you just focus on the real topic at hand?
Can you try using logic instead of diverting attention away from your wrong opinion?

Your self indulgent false sense of intelligence doesn't impress anyone.

"If she wants the baby dead that's her choice." So even if the baby is half out of her you say she has the RIGHT to kill it. Want's the baby dead. Not needs the baby dead. Want's. You think that just because she doesn't want the child living she has the right. It's being birthed.
There is NO difference between the moment it's half out to 3 minutes later.

If you went into a hospital and killed a freshly born baby. It's murder. Whether it's yours or not.

You're pretty sick dude.

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Right to choose Right to kill.
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