Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction. - Einstein
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Let's Eat the 1%!

User Thread
 56yrs • M
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Let's Eat the 1%!
Capitalism Sucks!
Mayors and other public officials across the nation are ordering the police to attack Occupy Wall Street protesters who are merely exercising their First Amendment rights. There is nothing new about capitalist politicians - both Democrat and Republican - stomping all over the rights of the American people.

The mayors and other public officials use the excuse of "sanitation" and other blah-blah-blah as excuses to send the police to literally stomp all over the demonstrators. What is clearly happening is that the ruling class is uncomfortable with the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. And of course the politicians - both Democrat and Republican - basically do whatever the ruling class wants them to do.

It's obvious why the ruling class is uncomfortable with the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. While it's true that much of the Occupy Wall Street movement suffers from illusions that the capitalist system can be reformed, it is also true that the demonstrators are right about some things. The wealthiest 1% of the population are screwing the rest of us. The American people are suffering while the wealthiest 1% are eating caviar and drinking champagne. The sons of the working class are dying in Afghanistan while the sons and daughters of the ruling class are having the time of their lives with all their inherited wealth. Banks are profiting from the mountain of student debt, and the banks are seizing American homes left and right. The ruling class and the politicians of both political parties are afraid of the increasing anger of the American people. Bore and more of the American people are waking up to the fact that the wealthiest 1% and the big corporations are looting our country!

The liberal wing of the ruling class is hoping that the Occupy Wall Street movement will become some kind of harmless "left" wing auxiliary of the Democratic Party. However, the ruling class is also afraid that the Occupy Wall Street movement will cause more and more people to ask themselves: What good is the wealthiest 1% for besides ruining the economy for the rest of us?

The ruling class and their prostitute-politicians of both political parties support protest movements in other countries when they are directed at foreign regimes that they don't like. But when there are similar protests here in America the protesters are attacked by the violent police. The police are the hired thugs of the 1%.

The police are going to continue beating up on the protesters, because that's their job. The job of the police in the capitalist system is to protect the interests of the wealthiest 1%.
It breaks my heart to see veterans and others attacked so violently merely for expressing their First Amendment rights. The First Amendment rights of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are being trampled upon. It's obvious for all to see that we live in a democracy of the 1%. It is the 1% that has democracy. When veterans, students, and workers try to exercise their democratic rights they are attacked by vicious police officers. And who orders the police officers to attack the demonstrators? The mayors and other public officials who are little more than puppets of the 1%.

The time for illusions is over. Everyone who wants to understand things clearly needs to understand you cannot reform capitalism. Capitalism sucks! Under capitalism the rich and the big corporations engage in constant class warfare against the working people. The time has come to throw capitalism in the garbage can. The wealthiest 1% has been making a class war against the working people for too long. The Democrats are on the side of the rich – just like the Republicans. What working people need is their own political party – a workers party. A workers party will fight for jobs for all, free medical care for all, doubling the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, racial equality, gay rights, etc. A workers party will fight for all the oppressed!

Keywords: capitalism, sucks

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 36yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that mutnuaq is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
You are so misinformed you make me sick.
You think that we should throw away capitalism? And who exactly would fill this power vacuum?

You have no Idea's you are just an uninformed tourist that hates the states.

Please tell me what you would replace capitalism with. Tell me how after taking all the money that the American corporations have how you would make America competitive on a global scale?

You are the cancer that rots the core of our country. You corrupt and infect everything you come in contact with.

Let's EAT the 1%. Yeah you want peace don't you?

All you want is to spectate the fight. Let me ask you what the protesters accomplished in the 60's. All they did was tear everything down and never built anything back up.

Sure you see a valid problem. However.....

If you have heart problems you don't rip it out and have it smashed with a hammer.

I know you won't have any coherent ideas to respond with but I'm willing to give you the chance to clarify how anything you said implies anything other than your desire to destroy the way our country is.

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Let's Eat the 1%!
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