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What do you think about Canada

User Thread
 29yrs • M •
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What do you think about Canada
I have never been to Canada and i want to know what you think about it?

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 41yrs • F •
I don't like Canada much. I lived in Vancouver for 2-3 years and now been in Ontario for a few years and so far this is what I have liked:

The sushi in Vancouver, haven't yet found a place that compared. Vancouver is pretty good on restrauant food, easily found and easily accessible.

The mountains in British Columbia are spectacular. I found the mountain views in Vancouver to be pretty nice but this is a short lived pleasantry because there is only so much joy to be attained from looking at mountains, especially when it feels like most of the year it's overcast and nasty weather.

Driving through Saskatchewan I thought that it was the nicest part of Canada I had seen. But it couldn't have been that great because right now I don't remember exactly what was so nice about - ah, it was the prairies.

Poutine - poutine sold throughout Canada. Poutine from Vancouver Costco's in particular really hits the spot sometimes. Poutine is this French version of fries that covered with cheese curds and then drenched in yummy gravy.

The squirrels. Lotsa squirrels in Canada.

The raccoons in Stanley Park, Vancouver. (racoons are found throughout Canada)

That really is about it.

Now the list of don't likes, that's long, no point listing each thing. I hate the weather and climate here, my body still hasn't gotten accustomed to the drastic winters. Vancouver weather is horrible (overcast most of the year, when it rains it's like a constant lazy piddle) and the winters in Ontario are sever (snow and ice for like 4 months).

There is a coldness about people here that I have not encountered elsewhere. It's like, a part of their empathetic mind is permanently turned off. They love and respect yuppy culture - Vancouver is the yuppiest place I've ever been to and the rest of Canada respects that about it, when someone from another part of Canada finds out that you've lived/been to Vancouver they immediately become insecure and/or respect you for it.

Canada isn't very efficiently developed in a lot of ways that I expect a first world country to be - this shows itself through obscure aspects of life that you don't think about until you encounter it. Like when you're doing you're yearly tax filing for example - it is such a messy organisation and information is not easily accessible. Nearly all the government body websites I have had to utilise (not just for tax purposes) are hard to navigate, not well thought out and unproffessional. The image varying experiences have created in my mind of Canada is something along the lines of... 'uneducated hicks masking their illiteracy and trying to catch up on technology the rest of the world has been using for years'

I know I won't be living here forever and although I quite dislike Canada, I sometimes wonder if there's something I am missing in my experiences here that will make me like this place more. Like, maybe there is something different I could be doing like hanging out with Canadian people more and that that would enhance my overall experience here. I may explore this in the future before I leave here for the sake of my own statistical information and self growth - I like having all like having all my bases covered to a certain degree before I make a lasting judgement about a place, though in all likeliness, it's a narrow bet that my reasons for disliking Canada will be overturned. Thus far, I have enjoyed American people's company more than Canadians and you know how fucked up America is.

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What do you think about Canada
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