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People are...

User Thread
 31yrs • M •
WiII is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
People are...
This is a thought about todays people, who have become a pathetic sack of shits. They think they are so cool, they think they are above all others, but when it comes to the real deal they run and claim that the rules were opposing them. Am just sick and tired of fighting with them, but no one cares, so I cant stop. Humans are twisted and devious a maniacal breed of creatures that feed on the very pain and pure torture of the inocent, which weekenss there minds and they begin to lose the wish to live, these people are a plague. With these thoughts I have lost myself, I dont know which side on am I. I thought that I was one of them that evil is just for me, that I want to be that creature, but when I see people getting tortured and hurt, when they cant stand up from the dirt that they are in, I start to want to be the savior, bringer of hope. This may seem like a 17 year old emo kids, that has lost his mind thoughts, but no! I know who I am, if you cant see this as a real thing then you are one of THEM! A revolution is what I dream, of people who will rise up to those who are trying to cruch us!

I guess with this thread I want to express my thoughts, cuz they are kept hiden inside of me, which is driving me nuts! You dont have to answer, just read it, understand it. Dont really think you'll understand this, but the thought of people reading this is enough to make me happy


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"I am my own legend...."
 31yrs • M •
WiII is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
Masks... People were them. They are 2 people in one, they say that something is important to them and when you spend time with that person it becomes clear that they dont give a shit about that importance, they lie, they cheat, they manipulate others. I have a classmate, she is a 2 faced wierdo, she says she hates a friend of mine, but she always hangs out with him, always talks and does stuff with him, and its so wierd, I mean she told me that she hates him so much, that he is a devious maniacal person and if you spend time with him, you become something like him. I guess she was right about the last part, she became him. I dont realy know if this matters, to you people, I think you have better things to do, but its a wierd thing for me, the human mind and the understanding is so strange. She blames me for stuff that I have done in the past, but she is now doing the same thing and she thinks its ok, well... I dont realy care now, it only shows what a pathetic person she is. Not only her, other people do things that they would never do, because they want to be exepted by others. What the hell is with that ? Weak people is what they are. I mean to start smoking just because everybody else is doing it, well that is pathetic, or even become this "bad ass" just to be friends with people who are complete retards. That bugs me very much, this system is so pathetic, and its hard not to folow these rules, cuz I also have to survive in there, and if you become an outcast in high school your life there becomes *ucked up... So it realy sad... There always has to be those who are the leaders and those who follow them... The "cool kids" "the popular ones" well it sickens me. I had enough of this bull shit, of these rules who arent writen, but are out there.

What can I say, well... Humans are strange, to understand one takes a lot of time. But I guess, without them for me life would be boring, all are different and its a wonderful game for me to figure them out, to understand them, its like a puzzle and I love puzzles. So... in the end, thanks for reading this thead, it helped me to figure things out, although all I did was think and write my thoughts while contradicting my own ideas well it helped me

So! Humans are fun! I enjoy there wierdness and there fights with each other. ( hmm... Humans? This might sound like I think that am not a human, better write something to make them understand that I dont think like that) Even I do wierd things that are hard to understand to others, but we're all humams and we all do things that are misunderstand and wierd, but that makes us different, in some cases even unique. Yes... Unique... We all think that we are unique, but that makes all of us the same. Anyway, am done, thanks again Decius

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"I am my own legend...."
People are...
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