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Trust overshaddowed my lies and money - or lack thereof

User Thread
 36yrs • F •
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Trust overshaddowed my lies and money - or lack thereof
I am sitting in quite a predicament and need some advice. Its pretty intricate but i will try and simplify it as best I can.
8 months ago I met my fiance\' - it was the first time i dated some one 16 years my senior but after many heartbreaks and problems with guys my age knew in my heart this was the way to go as he is more mature and over the \"growing pains\" and partying etc. which is not my forte\'.
After 3 weeks together he told me he had a policy which would be paying out 3.8 million on his 40th birthday - I thought this was a bonus! we then decided to buy a restaurant over and begin a career ourselves as he is a chef and this was his dream. After we took over - without having paid yet - i discovered there was no money! My mom and dad confronted him also - as she was also involved in the non existant business - and he said its coming... lie after lie and now we are sitting with lawyers on our backs, threats, letters of demand from sherrifs of the court and we are starting from scratch! I had to find a job after all of this again as I put my all into the restaurant and by the way was going to go study psychophysiology before all of this came about and put my dream on hold, having spent the loan for studying on which to survive.
I found out some thing similar happened in the passed and I am scared he has not learnt his lesson! This may still go to court and get really ugly!

I am stressed - as well as him - and its taking its toll on our relationship! I was pregnant but had a miscarriage. I believe it is because of all the stress!

I don\'t know if I can trust him to grow up and make better decisions!
I love him very much but can\'t go through this again! He has a problem with money and status which is where this originated from - i believe- and I am scared!

Any advice?

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"do not look back in anger nor forward in fear but around in awareness"
 39yrs • M •
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Im unsure what you are saying. Did this guy lie to you about the money and you are still with him?

The guy is a conman. He is not nor ever will be an honest person, which is one of the most fundamental things you need in a healthy long lasting relationship.

How can you still be with him? Id get a good lawyer and start suing his ass off for fraud.

If you stay with this man then you will stay exactly as you are when you wrote this. Miserable. Manipulated. Desperate.

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"When I was a child I flew! Then as an adult- I watched others soar."
Trust overshaddowed my lies and money - or lack thereof
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