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Fear and Action

User Thread
 30yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that zachf is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Fear and Action
Tonight I was approached outside of a local Meijer (a convince store). I was informed by a police officer that some people had fled the store with some stolen merchandise and are group matched the description. He asked me to step out of vehicle. I having nothing to hide so I complied and was open with the officer to what we had been doing there.

He asked to pat me down for weapons. I thought that was fair enough and told him he was welcome to do so. This search included a unconformable 4-5 seconds of him fondling my genital in a similar manner as a doctor checking for hernias.

He told me again about a group of people stealing things from the store and asked me if I had stolen merchandise in the car. I informed him no and said I would be willing to open my trunk for him (its a very small car contour) so there isn't much room to hide thing in the seats at least not with 4 other people in the car.

As this all went on a total of 3 other cars approached during the duration of are conversation. All with their lights on and started slowing pulling the other four people out of my car. I asked the officer why and he told me some bull shit line about searching my car. Which I did not give him permission to do, I only said I'd open the trunk.

He walked away and started talking to one of the people in the car with me. At this time I looked around and saw two other cop cars placed in the parking lot without lights on watching the situation. I found this to be excessive and unneeded.

Another officer was battering my friend with questions assuming he drugged up but he was unable to find any signing seeing as he wasn't.

They eventually searched my car and found nothing. Never asking for permission. But did bother to open up my backpack and not close it.

All said and done I was compliant but made sure the officer understood where I stood with my property and legality of what he was doing. Although he didn't think I was much to worry about.

I got in my car and drove off I eventually said something about not letting cops think they control you to which a friend replied "if you suck up to them, they'll leave you alone". I about kicked him out of my car.

He is the type to preach thought and independence but yet bends over backwards in the face of fear?

It just blows my mind the fear people build around these people with fucking associates degrees from shitty ass community collages. That people fear power hungry twats who believe that because they have badge it actually gives them power.

People lack the basic principals of a democracy and what a well structured community should looks like. That man had as much control as we gave and they gave him a lot. I felt betrayed not by some idiot who never got beyond I do because I can but because someone in the quest for knowledge and enlightenment fears another fellow human being. Pathetic.


I posted this because I needed somewhere to write this all down while it was fresh on my mind and to thank anyone on this site who has helped me learn to act fearless even when out numbered and over powered, to still never "suck up" to those who have nothing but a shiny piece of metal. Actions speak louder then words and I may not have shouted but I do think I whispered my first real hey that is not cool man tonight to corrupt ass uncle sam.

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"Whether we wake or we sleep, Whether we carol or weep, The Sun with his Planets in chime, Marketh the going of Time. -Edward Fitzgerald"
 42yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Dionysius is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
A very interesting post

There is no reason to fear law enforcers in a democratic civilised society If you are innocent of any past or present crimes .
Which is why you where so relaxed but annoyed about there Legal intrusion and inconvenience of your time
The pat down of your genitalia is worrying is this a exaggeration ( no offence intended) its just an area that is normally searched after arrest usually followed by a cavity search .(not that I know from fist hand experience )
Asking you twice about the crime he was trying to put pressure on you a common tactic he is looking for signs of nervousness, guilt, avoiding eye contact a change in story or your case the truth.
Important point here police have a pack mentality if you see one there are 2 to 3 not far behind the theory being overpowering numbers stop criminals from doing stupid things. In America with the statistic of a gun for nearly every person I can sympathise slightly with this

If he was a good cop he would be looking for .inconsistencies by talking to your friends, asking the same questions for there version of the story/truths

As for searching your car without your permission In the UK if the police Believe the law has been broken then they can search you and your vehicle without permission If you resist you are assumed guilty arrested and searched . I believe in America if you do not give permission you can only be searched after your arrest .(would you really want to go through the process of being arrested )

your right your friend saying "suck up to them and they'll leave you alone" was a poor choice of words stand your ground you've done nothing wrong ,you have nothing to worry about .If the Officer in question seem belligerent to you well he probably does this on a daily basis.At risk of sympathising with the enemy put yourself briefly in his shoes imagine confronting a group of young adults in a car may well have been a life and death situation for him in other circumstances.
If not this then he just likes the power trip a lot of people do!

Doe's that shiny metal badge give them power
the truth is yes but not as much as they think The power to arrest is a powerful act.
To take some one liberty/Freedom and in America there life away but they need to have proof first (innocent until proven guilty) So you could have stood there debating the morality of his actions all night there not much he could have done about it. Apart from if you raised you voice made a threatening comment or swore at him

People lack the basic principals of a democracy and what a well structured community should looks like. That man had as much control as we gave and they gave him a lot. I felt betrayed not by some idiot who never got beyond I do because I can but because someone in the quest for knowledge and enlightenment fears another fellow human being. Pathetic.

No argument here apart from they are your friend go easy on him/her

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"\\\"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.\\\""
Fear and Action
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