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The Israel Palestine Debate

User Thread
 46yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
The Israel Palestine Debate
Let's hear your views.

This is an opportunity to speak openly and boldly on an issue that epitomizes many key concerns of mine personally.

It is widely known, to one degree or another, and spoken about and currently fills the airwaves for obvious reasons.

It holds few and distinct, but very strongly opposing, views making it perfect for coming to greater understanding for all posistions, even related or unrelated subject matter, through exchange of perspective and information widely held to be lacking or skewed by all sides.

I see this issue as a perfect gateway to exposing and exploring crucial concerns of our ability to properly come to reasonable and rational understandings, conclusions, and therefore actions, on this and many other issues.

These concerns come primarily in the form of our ability and will, or lack thereof, to properly attain information and perspective, especiall objective, as well as facing and overcoming our personal reluctance to acknowledge and act against allowing such impediments to exist and persist to such unecessary and detrimental degrees.

As has been evidenced elsewhere, I have come to lean towards the seemingly greater probability that Israel is not only the aggressor and source of the greatest strife in this continual conflict, but that it is, as legal bodies have determined, illegally occupying, imprisoning, harrassing, torturing, impoverishing, and generally depriving the Palastinian people (who are in the stone age in comparison to their aggressor) of basic needs and resources up to and including their very lives to degrees of international crimes against humanity, war crimes, and universal deception and manipulation.

And since the US in particular is so heavily involved, as usual, it is especially prudent conversation due to its effects on even my own safety as a citizen of this country, let alone the stability and safety of the entire world.

To see evidence of the manipulation of information and perspective on this issue being even greater in the US than even Israel itself, is shocking to say the least.

But since these atrocities would not even be possible without our aid it is not surprising.

If I am wrong, or right, in the growing conviction of my assessment of this situation, I certainly hope I will gain support or correction by participation and clarification of all uncertainties that cloud the issue.

I know just about everyone on the planet, regardless of the depth of their familiarity with this subject, has an opinion on this, usually fairly strong, and therefore can only benefit from taking the opportunity to share, teach, and learn to progress towards a unified consensus and course of action to cease this madness one way or another.

I think first and foremost an exercise in critical thinking is needed, because it would appear the biggest issue is the information and sources we have used to come to our respective opinions, again, as is the case with all important, controversial, and even taboo debates.

I hope some of you see and understand the significance that the internet holds in providing the ability to even have such a debate to begin with.

If I were stuck with the mainstream media perspective that I have been witnessing I too, like many, would likely be a hollowed out drone on such subjects, all intellectual capacity and sense of reason devoured by highly effective propaganda and fear tactics, a core issue I wish to see addressed and ended, well, properly defended against through personal and collective vigilance, once and for all.

Please excuse any repeat videos from other threads, but their importance, relevance, and usefulness, including through repitition increasing chance of viewership, cannot be overstated.
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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
 58yrs • M •
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Go Palestine!
The way to stop your illegal federal taxes from supporting Israel is to 1. stop paying federal income tax, not state taxes, 2. audit the federal govt. 3. take the power away from the corporate media by exposing their abuse of control of what gets printed to the masses. The news is whatever they say it is and with out a system of refutability towards it allows it continue.

The middle east conflict is easily solved. Israel vs. Palestine can be solved by simply removing the american financial support of Israel. Take away America's funding and the Palestinians win easily. Better yet take away the thing they are fighting for and put an end to the needless killings. They are fighting for the holy land, well if you are truly serious to end the conflict, just nuke Jerusalem and the surrounding land, and nobody will want to set foot into the Radiation zone for 150 years. Turn Jerusalem into a toxic wasteland by storing all the nuclear waste of the world there. Problem solved, Duh!

Have a nice day!

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"Teach the people how to get along with one another because we already know how not to!"
The Israel Palestine Debate
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