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The God paradox

User Thread
 42yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that nyrlathotep is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
The God paradox
I have always struggled with the concept of God. Even when I "worshiped" God I still found my self confozzled by the existance of God. I have noticed that every train of thought I had in regards to contomplation of God led to a paradox. SInce it is impossible for the human mind or scientific data to prove or disprove Its existance. Its silly to argue it back and forth without any real proof from either sides. I Like many others tend to believe that existance is infinite. Even if there was a begining of the universe, multiverse or the tao (whatever you call IT) It is impossible for us to wittness it in full. In fact if we were able to go back before creation and tamper with stuff. (that would really be fucked Ehe?). So no matter what you cant get there from here you just cant.

Now this intelligent design thing is just a silly arguement from both sides. Worshipers of God limit intelligence they go so far as to give universal intelligence an ego and emotions.Apart
some people in the scientific and intillectual community limit reality by imposing the silly view of randomness.

Intelligence seems to pervade all things down to the molocules and the quarks, but why try to actually boast that you or any one has any clue were creation is concerned or evolution for that matter. Our understanding and knowledge of the universe as a whole is like the 3rd freckle from the left of my nipple.

Both sides should simply cease this silly arguement and accept it as a complete mistery.

Here is some of my questions?

What came before the begining of time or God?

Can satan truly deny Gods will?

Can God contain God? (Can god impose actual limitations on itself?

Can any one prove to me that we were not created by god as a vehicle for ticks and parasits? (I mean we seem to make perfect hosts)

I mean how adacious of us to assume anything even the existance of god based on Limited science literature and faith.

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"i have nothing original to say."
 33yrs • M •
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What needs to be looked at here is religions throught the planet as a whole history. There were the polythestic beliefs of Greeks that were copied by the Romans (Zeus, Jupiter) Leading to the creation of the romain catholic church which had executed executed its own messiah (who was jewish). Then theres the evolution of the monotheistic beliefs from jewish to christian to muslim all trying to improve upon what came before it. Besides those there are thousands of different religions all over the world, just cults with an answer to the unexplainable, what happens after death which is possibly the reason for the need for a god complex, to explain the unexplainable like the Why are we here?, Whats the point of life? questions and really starts to show in times of tradgedy when those answers are needed most. It is comforting to some who cant bare the thought nihilism, that there could be nothing but the great dirt nap after death.

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"\"Cynism is the only formin which common souls come close to honesty.\" - Nietzshe"
 42yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that nyrlathotep is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
belief can be a good or a bad thing. when belief is not tempered with rational it will limit human development.
While belief in the after life can provide comfort to some people but it can also lead to excuses for ones behaviour. If one see's a tangible goal that they feel will get them to heaven, such as observance of ritual's or belief in the existance and the actions of a proposed diety they will do all that is necasary. Once they have reached that goal they can fall into habits or retain habits of inequity because they have already assured themselves to heaven. In the end belief itself is flawed that is why it is important to base your behaviour on what you know versus what you do not.

I personaly do not think that humanity needs to believe in god. Man just needs to think about the universal implications of our actions and learn to live well on the earth and beyond.
Religious and scientific thought should always be progressive. If ever the unified theory is discovered science and religion will become one.

I should remind you that as odd as it may seem monothesiesm is not really that new. The hindus recognised monothesiesm in the brahmin in that all their other gods kali, vishnu, shiva ect ect and all things are part of the brahmin.
Some philosophers in Greece later adopted monothesiesm from persia and the belief became prevelant in greek culture.

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"i have nothing original to say."
The God paradox
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