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Sex and Emotions

User Thread
 65yrs • M •
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Sex and Emotions
I had a Mexican friend when I was in the Navy. It was tradition in his family that when your son reached a certain age, you took him out and bought him a prostitute to make him a man. He told me, "I never told anybody this before, but afterwards, I cried, I felt so bad." Most people you talk to will tell you that there first time was emotionally painful, though it might have been physically pleasurable. There is an emotional factor.

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"A fool says I know and a wise man says I wonder."
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 40yrs • M •
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Good questing.
I lost my virginity out of anger and spite. I was upset how I was laid too in regards to women and sex for the good part of my life and lead to do so. Some people consider themselves a man after getting laid. I've seen mostly apes thinking there adults, 'I've been a man sense I've as 14'
Your defiantly on to something. I wonder what people will post here.

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"The more you learn, the less you know."
 35yrs • F •
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I have not lost my virginity yet, and am in no way ashamed of it. I always believed that I would wait till i was married but since I left my religion that does not seem so important to me anymore, especially since I have decided i would rather not marry but cohabit in the future.
The reason I have not lost my virginity is not because the oppurtunity has not arisen but because I would rather be in love with the person, rather than just doing it because all my friends have. Im not saying he will be the one, mr right, who i will spend my life with because life doesnt work out like that, but I want to atleast be in a state of mind where i feel loved and respected and where I love and respect him.
I dont know if that is too much to ask for, but despite that I love my boyfriend, we're going to wait for other reasons.

When I was younger I was watching a movie with my father, and this man knew he was going to die so he wanted to do a few things before he finally did, and one was to make love to a beautiful woman. I said to dad, ah so he just wants to have sex? I will never forget the way my father looked at me, like i was so, so clueless.
He said theres a big difference between having sex and making love, one is beautiful, a physical declaration of intimacy and trust, it goes beyond physical pleasures, and is a maginificent manifestation of the greatest emotion mankind has been blessed with, that is love. Not in exactly those words but it was a long time ago, but thats how I remember it.
I hope to make love one day, I havent had sex yet but I know there is a difference, I guess I have yet to really find out for myself.

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"I have nothing to be proud of today but hopefully tomorrow I will."
 47yrs • M •
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In recent years,i only discovered the complex relation between emotions and sex. As a guy,well in my case at least-our sexual needs is a physical thing. We rely on our partners to be on board when we require sex. As complex as the female mind is, i never knew that it requires allot of emotion from a woman,to open herself up to lay with a man. Its not just a tap on the shoulder and off you go. It is much deeper than that. Its touch,caress stimulation, romance and allot more,for that flower to open. Thats why most woman are so unhappy in their bedrooms,they not getting what it takes to get there. And when they do get there,the male is normally out of action.

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Sex and Emotions
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