Like all dreamers, I confuse disenchantment with truth - Jean-Paul Sartre
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Love, love,love

User Thread
 40yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Gabriel23 is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Love, love,love
I've debated sharing this but..enjoy
On love. All the challenges I'm facing, all the pain I've felt, all the sadness that has consumed my heart, shall be wiped away by you, my love. When you come into my life, the pain will have been worth it, the challenges will have paid their dividend, the sadness shattered from the deepest depths of my heart... I can see so much, but what your love will allow me to see, I cannot begin to fathom. Every night I sit here alone, I know your waiting just like me, maybe even lonely like me too...I dream of waking up to your warmth. I dream of watching you succeed, I dream of your all loving embrace. I dream of losing myself in your eyes. I dream of knowing the depths of your radiant heart. I dream of facing no more challenges alone. I dream of hearing, I love you. I dream of raising our children. I don't know when you'll come into my life, or whether you all ready have. I dream of talking to you all night. I hope god sees fit, to let me have my only want, you... I hope that these lessons of love we will share, will bring us together in ways the world has never known. When our paths intertwine and become one path, we shall walk hand in hand through every step, every difficulty, every happy moment, every sad moment. I dream of seeing the stars with you. I dream of your kiss. I dream of reaching the stars with you. My love, please stand with me always. Please let me be weak to you, I've stood strong for so long, I've had to be strong, even when I didn't want to go on. Tell me everything will be ok. I wish for nothing more than you... When I'm with you, time will have no hold on our infinite love. Nothing I will ever accomplish, will be more important than my love for you. There is no temptation great enough, to take my love from you. There is no fear in my heart strong enough to stop me from protecting you. I would give my last breath, so you could live. I would give the last beat of my heart to see you smile one last time. I will always be excited to see you when we are apart. There is no obstacle to impossible, too large, to keep my love from your heart. So I maybe lonely now, my heart may be filled with sadness in your absence, but this only fuels my ability to love you wholey and completely. It ensures, that you will be loved unconditionally, It ensures that our hearts, and love, will continue on, even when we are gone....

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"I never let the negativity of life, dull the beauty in my life."
 40yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Gabriel23 is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Why this blog, or thought? I think that this understanding of love is one of the largest parts of happiness once can strive to achieve. If we could adore our partners, with selfless love, giving of ones' self to see the happiness of others achieved, by this gift of selflessness, happiness it's self would be achieved. Question our current understanding, what we see and what we do not. I believe love and communication are the two building blocks of a society, a society of positive. The reason I share such a intimate perspective of myself is that I potentially hope to show people a path, which can lead to happiness, by simplistic understanding of love.. True love is a lost art, and the american divorce rate is proof of that. No money, or falsehoods leads to true happiness...This I think. No matter how many times i communicate this fact, live this fact, or understand this fact, can I explain in more simplistic terms that material is truly irrelavent, material is man made, not meant to be held as a want higher than unmaterialistic memory. Love has no price, love is given free of money and material. Love is a expression which is more powerful than money and material. Perhaps I am Idealistic, perhaps I rational, but I would rather live a life time in eternity as a man of love, than a man which knows not love. A man ignorant of the true improtance of life. Refute?

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"I never let the negativity of life, dull the beauty in my life."
Love, love,love
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