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Split Brain,DID,Epilepsy,Split Personality

User Thread
 62yrs • M •
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Split Brain,DID,Epilepsy,Split Personality
Hello.I was born with another person on the LH of my brain.It took me 45 yrs to figure this out.He can send electro pulse to my side at differant degrees just like someone with epilepsy.And by the way it runs in my family.He can doe in the nervous system what I do with motor skills on my side.He can make any fealing from a touch,itch,burn at any place on the body.When he emagines it comes thru the nervous system as a fealing.In other words if its a spear hitting me in the eye i feals like it to me and my eyes water and the pain is great but i have learned that its all in the mind if not you would not be able to handle it.He can send pulses to the fingers and toes.We made the RH big toe yes and the LH big toe no and the fingers have and meaning to.He can hit the nerves around the eye than the kidney wich means I kidding.If he emagines pain in a knee joint I feal it but does not last long.Its like with you consentrate on something after a while you have to let go.It gets strange and most would not be able to handle this.Ok his thoghts do come into mine but there thoughts from memory and you would think he is very smart but its because he is able to bring anything up from memory.He can set and control you all you life and you not know he is there.The way I do it is I have learned not to tink and I can tell now its his thoughts.This is how you get many personalities because it can set there and make you act or seem like someone else and you not know it is someone cotroling you.After if they coulkd make contact you would freak and maybe kill yourself.I can tell his personality.Its like a teenager with a sissy personality witch made me think that hormones dont efect him and someone with a great memory.This gets very complicated and if anyone knows someone that can use this for research let me know.He can even control the involuntary muscles so it can be proved and it gives the answer to a lot in neurology.

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"Man with two brains"
 33yrs • M •
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Are you asking for a third party's advice to cope with it, or are you asking if someone can research it for you?

because like you said, it may all be in the mind, and if you conclude there's no way of getting this"teenager" out of your head, you have to show him that YOU are the true inhabiter of the body, not him. Because what seems to happen is, like in nature itself, only the strongest and best survive. So what I'm saying is, If you let him become stronger than you, he will take over. I hope that can help a little bit.

Good luck :]

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"I'm a human being, God Dammit!! My life has value!!!"
Split Brain,DID,Epilepsy,Split Personality
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