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A Few Mental Concepts…

User Thread
 44yrs • M •
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A Few Mental Concepts…
I have grouped these ideas together to save time, as they are relatively brief anyway…

Remembering Something Noticed…

It is difficult to remember something unless you truly took notice of it at the time of witnessing.
This may involve having something enter strongly into short-term memory.
Of note is that short-term memory involves sensory confirmation.

Super Thoughts…

These occur when thoughts start to combine in the way that they synergise and improve each other.
This may more easily conceived by considering early childhood development.
Perhaps one day almost if not all thoughts may combine to produce the Ultimate Super Thought.

The Right Area of the Mind in the Right Gear…

Movement is often related to Motor Skills. This can be seen a little more literally than one would first expect. That is to say the body is the motor that creates the power to move it's parts.
Furthermore, the different motor's within the body may operate at different speeds and with different force, and would thus be operating at different gears.
Yet further, the movement within the body is not limited to the torso and limbs, it also happens within the mind, where thoughts operate in different gears also.

Launching a Thought…

Once you have built the momentum up by pushing a thought around, you can let it go of by itself.
You launch the thought to free yourself for another course of action, without disturbing the movement of that thought.

Polar Inconsistencies (and Practical Difference in Ordination)…

Where normally the structure is seen as exactly polar and symmetric, it is in fact actually asymmetric.
Consider a magnet that has a large North head which favours the right side and a smaller South head set in the middle. It can clearly be seen that the polar and symmetric qualities will be affected when you compare it with a regular Bar Magnet. Consider how this idea affects the Earth's magnetic fields, and things that are outside the realm of magnetism, like organ placement in the torso and parts of the brain.
Also, relate this idea to things that are generally seen as polar or opposite.

Spirits and Spirit-Guides…

I find it hard to understand what is meant by the term spirit (as in Mind, Body and Spirit).
Often I make the association between that spirit and the idea of ‘in the spirit' (as like ‘in the spirit of happiness'). I wonder if I have missed something or whether spirit has a lot to do with emotion and motivation.
Furthermore, if that was the correct idea behind the word spirit, then I wonder how that affects the term ‘spirit-guide'. Does a spirit-guide help someone get in touch with the more correct emotion or motivation? If so, are they helping that person to see the reality through knowing the more correct ‘Point of View'.

Note: Please feel free to respond in regards to these concepts, especially the last one, as I would greatly value your input.

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A Few Mental Concepts…
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