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Blocking Out Incomplete Thoughts...

User Thread
 44yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Black Gold is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Blocking Out Incomplete Thoughts...
Blocking out incomplete thoughts…
Some thoughts make us uncomfortable, some things we like to push away, as they don't fit in with who we are…

The reason to do so is to make us feel more comfortable. The risk is sometimes we may be pushing away something before we have really known what it is.

How to recognise these incomplete thoughts? Thoughts can be incomplete when we have not worked with them before. Thoughts can be incomplete when don't fully remember what the thought was about.

Why undesirable thoughts are incomplete? If we wanted something, it usually fits in with our memory, for example, our constant updating of our lines of approach, where we always try our best.

Why desirable thoughts are complete? Due to having them in our regular line-up, and having them been well recognised as our line of approach. They are complete in the nature that they have been used before successfully, in the nature that our bodies have already accepted them, and in the nature that they are dependable.

What the technique is in blocking out these thoughts? (pushing and dissolving) Basically there are two main functions of blocking out incomplete thoughts. Pushing is where we push the noted physical body of the thought away from the centre of our mind, which when doing, pushes the thought away from what was feeding it. Dissolving is where we attempt to pull apart the physical body, in a dissolving nature… There may be other ways to block out thoughts though…

Why focus on incomplete thoughts? You specify the types of thoughts you are working on. Although this may be potentially done in other ways, focussing on the incomplete nature may be of some use.

What to do to make sure I use this tool wisely? Stay mindful of what you are dealing with. Try to not get too caught up in blocking out a thought if it feels like it should perhaps be there. Avoid relying on this tool to the point where it is your only line of approach, as you need to remember that variety is important to promote interest. Be careful of things you know you will not want to block out, as this tool should be used carefully!

Note that when you learn to apply something to the mind as an exercise, you often subconsciously apply it at times when it's not your direct line of approach… It will stay with you…

I would love to hear your thoughts on this tool, this post (in general) and related topics…

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"There is no negative one..."
 43yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that wizardslogic is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
You should read Ouspenky's The Fourth Way...Very interesting theory of the human mind...According to Ouspensky, the human mind is composed of thousands upon thousands of little "I"s, each struggling to gain a foothold upon the the driver's seat of the human mind...You can understand how this might be when you promise yourself your never going to do something, like smoke again, and you are completely convinced that you will never actually do it again and can bring to mind all the reasons why you will never do it again and why it's such a good thing that you've quit...And then, when then the body starts sending signals to the mind...little thoughts creep in asking why you want to quit smoking...You can't remember all the good reasons...and, before you know it, little "I"s start telling you reasons why you should smoke and even why it's good to smoke and, boom, before you know it, you're smoking again....and suddenly all the reasons you wanted to quit come flooding in again and you feel like crap!...Just a case for the existence of opposing "I"s...Oftentimes these "I"s serve no purpose, appearing out of nowhere with certain external cues we are often unaware of...Some are connected to other "I"s from different "centers" of mental activity, whether physical, mental or emotional....According to Ouspensky, one may be able to create a ruling "I" which may result in a kind of center of gravity that attracts other "I"s of your "own" choosing, and together these "I"s are able to observe and study the rest in order to sort through all the various "I"s and, thus, keep and absorb the wanted or needed ones...Pretty wild concept...He had this experiment where you concentrate on "I" and say "I am here," without the actual words, of course, and attempt to stop your thoughts...Keeping only "I" in your mind, and suddenly you realize your thoughts flow randomly and by themselves...If you actually succeed in maintaining this "I" for any real length of time then you may experience a kind of internal illumination, as if someone has turned a light on inside your mind and you are entering it somehow...You realize that most of your life you are asleep, and the only real memories you have of your life are these brief moments when it seems someone has turned a light on in your past...Those breif moments of the past when you remeber details--sights, smells, sound, sensations, etc.---Those are the moments you were awake!...And so few!...It's amazing...Also, he alludes to the fact that the external world is coloured by thought and emotion and that certain what may be called negative thoughts may transform your experience of the world into something that is not so horrifying...Once you recognize that the negative sights and experiences you percieve in the world and people around you are nothing more than the "paint" of your own psyche, you can delve deeper into things to discover that you have repainted your reality into something more beautiful...The only way to do this is to not suppress your negative thoughts, but to experience the negative emotion and study it, live in it while letting you higher "I" take control of thought process (emotions move much quicker than thought and completely blind the mind in those moments of extreme emotion...other times negative emotions simply generate negative thoughts that have no basis for existence...It take a ruling "I" who is willing not to identify with these emotions to overcome them...They simply just dissapate...disappear)...That Ouspensky guy is pretty interesting...

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"Each conscious mind is alone in the universe!"
Blocking Out Incomplete Thoughts...
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