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With The Help of the U.S. Army, Iriqis Have Developed Pots and Pans That Glow In The Dark

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With The Help of the U.S. Army, Iriqis Have Developed Pots and Pans That Glow In The Dark
I shook the hand of an Iraq citizen Raed Jarrar who was in Baghdad when "Shock & Awe" bombing began the current war.

Raed Jarrar is now a tax paying American citizen, a voter and director of Global Exchange's "Iraq Project" and is an analyst for Foreign Policy In Focus.

We had a meeting at the Open Arms Church in Oklahoma City. There he shared his belief that the occupation needs to end. I'm sure you've heard that before, and he says that 87 percent of the Iraqis want us to go home, can you believe that?

The Iraqi people are awfully proud, and they should be, did you know that they can build a school for two thousand dollars. For us to do it, it cost a hundred thousand, and all we do is paint an old building that we happen to find that hasn't been bombed, paint it and call it good. While the Iraqis appreciate us painting their buildings, (ofcourse we'll bill them a hundred thousand and expect them to pay us back with oil money) they feel they can do a better job and don't feel that they need us around to help.

Another thing Raed explained which kinda brought things home. The cancer rate in Iraq has increased a hundred fold. Did you know that radiation levels in some areas are over a thousand times the safe level, hmmmm, I wonder. You know, they haven't really proven what causes cancer, at least, not until the Iraq experiment.

I think it was terrible, all those old tanks laying around. The U.S. Army was nice enough to give them to the Iraqis for scrap metal. These tanks make really good scrap metal, they have this glow in the dark stuff, you know, Uranium. When they don't have electricity at night, it makes it easier for them to find their pots and pans and stuff. For millions of years to come, you will always be able to find these pots and pans and stuff, with a giger counter, now isn't that cool or what. Ofcourse it causes cancer, but who wants to grow old, you know, and hey, you don't have all those kids running around.

But I shouldn't be kidding around with this, because it isn't funny. This radiation is going to be around for millions of years and nobody knows what to do about it. I told my wife about it and she was outraged and asked doesn't anybody know about this? I said, yes, I've posted on my blog several times. But, she asked, do they know its in their I beams, dishes and pots and pans from the scrap metal the army was nice enough to give them? She says, that's personal, that will upset people. So I'm telling you, but somehow I don't believe there will be mass protests tomorrow, but there should be, what our government has done is disgraceful. So what exactly are we freeing the Iraqi people from? LIFE! What are they are supposed to be, The Greatful Dead.

I think if Jesus came here tomorrow, I think he would start slapping people. The first person he would slap would be the prophet (of the Mormon church), aren't you my prophet? What the hells wrong with you? Why the hell aren't you telling people, this isn't what I wanted, Bush lied. Boy, I think he would just slap him real hard, a couple times, for that. Na, Jesus won't hit nobody, that's not him. He'll just say, "When did I say you were my prophet, who made you my prophet?"

And I don't think we should be buying pots and pans from Iraq anytime soon.

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"A fool says I know and a wise man says I wonder."
With The Help of the U.S. Army, Iriqis Have Developed Pots and Pans That Glow In The Dark
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