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Confess Something "Wrong" that you have done - Page 2

User Thread
 68yrs • M •
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Acoording to my wife and father I have done the most unforgivable act that could be done. I have spent the last year destroying their Idea of what my place in what they call society is. I insulted a guest by telling him the only arm my wife was going to be on was mine and not his, my father informed me I was wrong because I was not on the reservation list, when the guy steped up and took my wifes arm I said you will need a ride to the ER to get that arm removed from your rear if you don't scram. My father stepped up and told me I had embarrassed him and the family and broke two fingers when he slapped me, I of course could not let that finish the evening for me. I said from this second you are not going to interfere in my life on more time like you have done the last 32 years then I backhanded him across the kitchen and took the man that I forced to leave place. was I rude, yes, will I do it again , yes, Do I think I was wrong NO. I felt that for 32 years I was subjected to abuse, I was even forced to go to work on Christmas holiday at the business end of a shotgun held by my father. what I am doing wrong in their opinion is taking my life away from their control.

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 43yrs • M •
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I confess that I killed Batman so I could get closer to Robin.

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Confess Something "Wrong" that you have done - Page 2
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