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Safety cap left off toxic cargo: Britain

User Thread
 36yrs • F •
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Safety cap left off toxic cargo: Britain
Safety cap left off toxic cargo as it travelled 130 miles across Britain

Found this article on Fark.com. Talk about disturbing news...

Blunder left trail of lethal radiation
By Andrew Norfolk

A LETHAL beam of radiation was emitted from a casket containing highly radioactive waste on a three-and-a-half-hour road journey across England, it was disclosed yesterday.

Thousands of people were put at risk by the 'cavalier' attitude of workers for the privatised company in charge of transporting the hospital waste.

Anyone standing one yard from the beam and in its direct path would have felt sick within ten minutes. After two hours they would have been dead.

Only by 'pure chance' was no one directly exposed to the high concentration of cobalt-60 gamma rays that streamed from the container because of the failure to install a lead safety plug.

Radiation levels up to 1,000 times higher than a high dose rate were found a day after the trailer and its 2.6-tonne package reached their destination.

Details of the trail of radiation emitted on the 130-mile journey from Cookridge hospital, Leeds, to the Windscale waste processing at Sellafield, Cumbria, emerged at Leeds Crown Court. Fortunately, the narrowly focused beam was directed downwards. Had the rays escaped horizontally, they would have contaminated anyone within 330 yards of the vehicle.

Dr Michael Clark, of the Health Protection Agency's radiation protection division, said that those in the vicinity of the trailer, and particularly its driver, were 'very fortunate' to have escaped unharmed.

'The doses - and the dangers - drop off with distance, but this was a very large source, potentially lethal,' said Dr Clark. The court was told that it was impossible to assess the extent of exposure as the beam may have bounced off the ground during loading and contaminated employees.

The company at the centre of the scandal, which was formerly part of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, admitted six breaches of the regulations governing the transport of radioactive material.

AEA Technology (AEAT) was guilty of a series of failings that led to the incident, exposing its employees and other people 'to unnecessary and potentially extremely high radiological risks'.

Two long-serving employees later resigned. The Recorder of Leeds, Judge Norman Jones QC, specifically criticised their behaviour.

The judge said: 'The two people who were primarily involved have been allowed to become, with lack of proper oversight, relaxed and somewhat cavalier in their approach to what they should be doing.

'We have to remember that we are dealing with the movement over long distances of very, very dangerous material.'

more here

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 64yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that okcitykid is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Wow - I didn't know hospitals used anything so powerful, kinda scary.

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 35yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that eliasan is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Im betting its from substances used in xray machines but am doubting that slightly due to how dangerous that coblat 60 sounds.

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 36yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that mindfields19 is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Most people don't know just how much radioactive material is found in hospitals. I used to work in a cardiologist's office, and the lab machines all used some form of radiation. As everyone knows by now (I HOPE...), this stuff can be super dangerous if not handled properly.

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"In the beginning, night was memory was water, and in the cool aquamarine depths dreams swam freely."
 36yrs • M •
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Crap, i live near blackpool which is in the same country , i hope i dont die.

beed doing some research on cobalt60

its used for treatment of cancer, it is also used in the food industry, food is irradiated to prolong its shelf life. nice to know eh??!


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Safety cap left off toxic cargo: Britain
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