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seems like everone is all about peace but..

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 38yrs • M •
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seems like everone is all about peace but..
it seems like no one stops and says hey thats the way it is this happens thathappens people do this and that, eveyone think of the reasons why we did 'bad' (or oppsong peace, things proveoked etc.. then we like peace both sides.... thi is just analyzing thn we play our roles oin each postion.. but whenever i hear people tlak aobut world peace (seems like everone) vi feel to address well thats way it is both sides always mutha hg...

also if it ever is accomplished whate about the people who already suffered tuff luck for them? makes me even fele worse for them if the world changed to 'happy place'

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"no quote until i copyright it.."
seems like everone is all about peace but..
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