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E-Mail Scams

User Thread
 32yrs • M •
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E-Mail Scams
One thing i hate is when peopel forward you those e-mails that say tings like

Bill Gates Is Giving Away His Fortune!!!


I'm The Prince Of Nigeria Give Me Your Bank Account Number So I Can Give You 13 Million Dollars!!!

there's many more, and you have to wonder how stupid people can be not to see that this is a scam. but the worst one i got was:

I'm a little boy and i was born without a body, but my mommy was poor and the doctor could only give me a burlap sack full of leaves, and i am in constant pain, so forward this email to everyone you know so NASA can make me an artificial body

these emails tend to be full of viruses/spyware/worms/trojans/theifware
and really, how hard is it to see through these things,(boy without a body COMON!) but people still fall for them, and I know that quite a few people have fallen for the PRICE OF NIGERIA scam and lost quite a bit of money in the process. then when people find out that these emails are all scams, they seem genuinely suprised and outraged that they could have fallen for "THe Little boy who was born without a body"
Does anyone who reads these e-mails THINK before pressing >>Forward<< ???
In my opinion, if you fall for these, you deserve what you get, so don't complain about it.

A full list of these scams can be found here:

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"He who does not question is lost."
E-Mail Scams
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