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people bonding by discriminating..

User Thread
 38yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that patape is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
people bonding by discriminating..
I guess its normal, as im human i probably do it to..

but its fucking annoying when others do it towards you.. when your by yourself and theres a pack they feeel so safe to be cocky casue they know there with people and your not... even if a girl is with her boyfreind shekl do things shed never do alone like give an exagerted look if you do domething weird (i pulled out a lollipop out of my coat (i forgot i had it) and it happened to be purple.. and she gave me this exagerated reaction which id know shed nerver do if she wasnt with her man.. that gets me so irrateated that women can act so big when im the strong one.. im the stupid one for not soinfg anytihng to her boyfreind.. cause i was distracted by something else and the train just stopped to open its doors.. as soon as i got out of the train i felt so stupifd for not fucking going crazy puinching her boyfreind in the head(id never hit the girl but that ould get her mad at least) (so it was basicly becasue of that coicedence of pulling out a purple loli pop, ehatver now i think aobut it its funny.. but dawm .... its like you have to constantly be ready to fight when in public or else you look the fool whos not confident.. iod ont like breing lan agrrressive or mean person or even having a constant confident look on face.. but beacaue oif this whole imagwe norm thing.. its like you have to look confident and ready to fight (not by facial expression but in mind just incase som1 disses you in a verbal or non verbal way .. to show that your not an unconfident "worthless" for lack of a better word... i guess you have to balance betweenn being looking freindly but being perky (with ready to fight in mind (so have to box and train everyday) just to get by in public... so i guess ill stick to it.. alweays look confident and be ready or else you look stupoid i guess so il so that..

and another thing thats really anyogn is by the official written "law" if i were to diss you in your face and obviously youd probly hit me, youd get in troublwe and not me.. the law doesnt undersand "street" rules and norms... theres so many stupid thing si hate.. but i guess makes you tough.. ppls reactions to your behavior kind of shapes you to be fit1..

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"no quote until i copyright it.."
 35yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that [bastard_earth] is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I can understand what your trying to say, but it is imperitive you stop thinking this way immediately. this will branch out to several major problems for you in the long term. you can take this as advice or you can disregard it. either way, my input would'nt alter you desicion I suppose anyway.

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"Never love anything enough that you cannot bare to see it die"
people bonding by discriminating..
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