Except for the American woman, nothing interests the eye of the American man more than an automobile, or seems so important to him as an object of aesthetic appreciation. - 68 firebird
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Euphoria - Page 2

User Thread
 34yrs • F •
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hey is der any fit lads in da house

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"no thanx"
 44yrs • M •
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I have had two moments in my life where I felt completely one with everything around me.

The first time was following an intense argument with my very Irish wife (although I love her to pieces). I left my house to get some space and rode my bike to Lowe's hardware (roughly 15 miles). On the way back, it was just barely twilight, and the warm summer airwas filling my lungs. As cars drove by and people went about their lives and a slight breeze rustled through the trees, I felt like I was floating through a network of nature, both permeating into everything around me and being permeated by it.

The second time was when I was modeling nude for an EWU life drawing class. It was as though the focus and thoughts of every person in the room were joined with mine. I felt completely warm and secure. I was a hub of mind waves going into and out of my being. Each wall around me was a sponge for my thoughts, and every chair, desk, and pencil in the room was passing through me and into the walls and back again. I felt as though God had granted me a moment's respite from all inner insecurities as though to give me a glimpse of how He saw me.

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"Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll enjoy it a second time"
Euphoria - Page 2
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