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User Thread
 51yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that lynniepoohs is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Today, I placed a call to a Mormon Church with regards to some of the members of the Church. It amazes me how much information you can get, and how much information they are glad to have. When you are in a small community, everyone knows or will know all of your dirty secrets.

Is any one here a member of the Mormon Church? What are you thoughts on the Church?

My adoptive mom was raised Mormon, married in the Mormon Church. They were the first people to banish her from the Church when she filed for divorce. I don't understand how a Church, can claim to love everyone and treat each other so differently. But yet they allow some FAMILIES to continue on in the Church, that shouldn't be allowed.

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"Enjoy your family as they are our lives."
 35yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Elemental is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I can not tell you why something like that would happen. I am not an expert on the dealings with people being excamunicated (sp?) from that church.

I am LDS, which most people call mormon. And I know there are a great number of rumors about my church. Like I know this one girl who told a story of her being asked questions from people. A person actually asked if mormons were really supposed to have horns. I know that poligamy is a big thing that many people hated about us, and I can tell you that it does not exist anymore in my church, and in my generation, I would never want to endeavour in it.
If anyone has any questions about the LDS faith, please ask me. I might not be the best person to ask for exact biblical answers and all, but I can explain what we do believe.

I want to tell you what I think of my religion. I do not like going to chruch for one reason. And it is not the beliefs. It is the people. I live in Utah, which is what many people know to be the center of the religion HQ, if you will, to the world. And because of that, it seems that there are many more "mormons" that are corrupt here than anywhere.
I like to call them 'happy valley mormons' because we live in Utah valley with them and they seem to be held in a bubble caused by the mountains.
Utah has the highest reate of bakruptcy and divorce in the US, did you know that? Yeah, and my dad feels the short end of that bankruptcy. Many mormons like to declare bankruptcy after he has done a job for them, or when he is owed money, and then he has trouble getting what he earns. I tell you that to give you an idea that I am not one of these mormons. Infact, in my church that I attend to, we have some of the worst mormons.
You are right about the thing you said about the little community and dirty secrets. A lot of people like to gossip. My mom is actually one of the typical Utah mormons. My father, however, is a great and righteous spirit. I get what I believe in from him. But I see what sucks about the people in my religion from my mom. I love her, definitely, but a religious life with her is not easy.
With my mom, there are the traits of the 'happy valley mormons'. How I can tell is when they tell you to do something without reason to wanting it. When they tell you to do something because it is right, rather than encouraging us to find what is right for ourselves.
It is vivid in a great number of those who were born into the religion, doing what they think is right because they were taught to do it.
Every religoin has them, and I could go on about mine for a long period of time. But I want you to know that the people are the main reason why my religion seems to suck. But I can promise that I have an open mind and that I will listen to any questions asked, and that I will listen to any reasoning that anyone has.

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"Fate is the shadow cast by the light of our choice. We can change our fate by altering that light."
 64yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that okcitykid is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I'm not an active member. I joined a long time ago when I had a good friend in the church while in the Navy. I could not acccept all of their beliefs so I dropped out. But once you are a member, you are always a member. They follow you around. I joined and dropped out in California about 15 years ago. Six months ago they called to confirm that I was me for their records. I'm thinking, "How the hell did they find me?"

Banishment sounds terrible. It's not really the way it sounds. If you're familiar with the Catholic church, it is the same as not being allowed to take communion. Kinda of a heart break if you are very devoute, but you're still welcome in the church, you can attend mass, and everyone treats you with respect (at least they are supposed to). I like the Mormon church and have considered going back. They welcome those who do not believe or like me, have dropped out. Confessing before the church however that I don't believe in the Book of Mormon, they might banish me too. That would mean I would loose my priesthood and could only participate as an observer or service (clean-up, stuff like that). The Mormon church is very unique as they don't hire anyone. Only the temples have hired labor. They don't call them churches but stakes. All the work done in the stakes is voluntary.

When I worked for AOL the top dog there was Mormon. Everybody teased him because he wouldn't drink or cuss. He was a righteous, ethical man who was eventually transferred over seas to a higher position. Though they maintain a lot of personal information on their members, I feel safe that this information will not be ill used.

The Book of Mormon though I feel is a good book. But it is too much the good versus the bad story, it's not real life, therefor I don't believe in it. You don't good people and bad people in this world. Mostly you have people who are both good and bad. We just all have different ideas and don't always agree. Those ideas make us neither good or bad.

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"A fool says I know and a wise man says I wonder."
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 51yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that lynniepoohs is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I would have to say that even the bigamy doesn't bother me. Atleast they are not cheating, these women know exactly what is going on and usually all reside in the same home.

The excammunication I don't agree with as Heavenly Father forgives, why can't the church do the same?

One of the things they I noticed my children didn't enjoy when they went with Grandma was the fact that Church lasted so long.

I am not criticizing the Church nor the practices of the Church. I just was curious as to some responses from others.

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"Enjoy your family as they are our lives."
 71yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that cturtle is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
One of the reasons that the (Church of England) was appointed by the English King, Iwas out of his desire to divorce to remarry. Which may seem bad but then better than murder to remarry?
Banishing or shunning or excommunication is commonly used within many christian churches. The reasoning being that actions which are a serious violation of church doctrines represent a breech of faith, forfeiture of membership (acceptance) denotes the unacceptability and liability for ones actions.
Although not taught as such in general, Christians are not allowed to bring suit against others or file crimminal charges against others. Therefore divorce violates at least two christian principles.
Most church es will accept the offending parties back into their faith with and when the disputed actions have ran their course.
Many mormons like to declare bankruptcy after he has done a job for them, or when he is owed money, and then he has trouble getting what he earns.
Actually this law (bankruptcy) is traced to the Law of Moses and is part of the Hebrew tentaments.

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"Terrorist or tyrant, few may come to the Truth that both are poor choice."
 59yrs • M •
arguijot is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
i was dating a mormon women who was married but swore to me that she was leaving her non mormon spouse. this went on for months. she insisted that i take her to las vegas, wich i did and we did everything but have sex, but it was still very intense. but in the end i became a church member at beth simpsons request. but in the end after someone told her husbend . she walked out of my life like nothing ever happen and then lied to the heads of our church about what had taken place in L.V, and i was punished for one year. i have sinced left this discrimenating church and got a clue of what is really going on . miss simpson is now having an afiar with a co worker and no one really cares now, thats wiered.

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