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Tagged > Jesus
 38yrs • F
Happy days
 32yrs • F
Jesus Is My Savior
THREAD God in ReligionWhy Do You NOT Believe In God?
192 Posts • 34370 Views
Religion Forum
ah, but that is not a quote of jesus right? thats a post jesus interpretation from the sound. which still leaves the question, and thanks for the effort, I appreciate the verses The corinthians 9 o...
THREAD ChristianityHoly Trinity
15 Posts • 3214 Views
Religion Forum
Im sure you are lyao because it is apparent that you are not very familiar with Jesus. No Jesus is not the Father - Jesus is the Son. God is one being with three persons. That is why Jesus is worthy o...
THREAD Atheists for Jesus
1 Posts • 3460 Views
Atheists for Jesus is a site that aims to provide a place for anyone, religious or non-religious, from which to explore and discuss the life and teachings of Jesus. One of their interesting discussion...
THREAD ChristianityHoly Trinity
15 Posts • 3214 Views
Religion Forum
"May be to your way of thinking." No, Jesus left no other option. If Jesus did not have the power to forgive sins and convinced millions wrongfully that he had the authority to redeem the...
 41yrs • M
tell em jesus sent ya
 43yrs • F
100 % for jesus
THREAD Spiritualitycurious question..
10 Posts • 3273 Views
Religion Forum
ethral.. i am aware that (christains geneally) believe that hell is eternity without god and heaven is eternity with god.. if you dont believe in jesus you cant get to god etc... im already aware of t...
 43yrs • M
Thank god for Jesus
 51yrs • M
 33yrs • M
jesus was bipolar
 50yrs • F
jesus saves
THREAD ChristianityCatholics vs Christians
158 Posts • 53318 Views
Religion Forum
recon, may be you are right as it is rather a mute point. Afterall to the world you live your life & you die. To them there is nothing more so they get what they expect? For what are we judged?...
 34yrs • M
Jesus is coming.....................don't worry we'll get him again
 67yrs • M
Jesus is my saviour
 40yrs • F
i love jesus
 30yrs • M
if jesus died for you why cant you live for him
 38yrs • F
Thee ones I LOVE are God,Jesus,Family,Aaliyah
 39yrs • M
According to your faith be it unto you. --Jesus
 33yrs • F
i am jesus hear me roar!
 70yrs • M
look beyond the tunnel and your eyes will see the light
 29yrs • M
It could be worse... I could have been a mormon.
 31yrs • M
Levelness is next to Godleness: are U level
 42yrs • M
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