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Why must intelligent people be so sarcastic? - Page 5

User Thread
 54yrs • F •
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i belong to mensa - and have interacted with mensans in two coutnries. i have hardly come across any mensan who is sarcastic. in fact the contrary is true. most are diffident or shy and wary about voicing their thoughts.

sure some may be sarcastic too, but that will just be that individual that is sarcastic - but to attribute that to his intelligence may not be correct.

have u found this to be true always - each and every single time ? or is ti this one person that behaves in this manner and is ALSO intelligent which leads u to draw this conclusion ?

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"live this day as if it were your last"
 48yrs • M •
Necrology is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
I can't say that I personally have met somone that is extremely intelligent (in my view) that has an extremely sharp sarcastic edge. Mostly it's the average person attempting to maintain a facade. That is to say, a person's level of insecurity seemingly determines how sarcastic they are regardless of intellect. If I am completely secure in my thoughts and beliefs, there is no need to invalidate others'.

Perfect example... college professors. When engaged 1 on 1 they are VERY VERY open to sharing socio-emotionally with students. Occasionally they'll fire off some sarcasm in class in order to reinforce their command over the class, but it's rarly if ever designed to personally insult the target and/or their thoughts. In almost every case that I've ever witnessed, they openly appreciate and respect when a student is sharing a viewpoint and will follow respectfully with rebuttal if he/she views the students thoughts as incorrect wrt the discussion at hand so as to not mislead the the class in the goal to grasp the point the professor is making. They are a bit sharper with their sarcasm when they think the student is being a smartass, but they still won't cross the line of personally insulting them. Professors are smart, that's how they are in the position they are in. They know it and are secure about the way they see things. They spend no time engaging in aggressive sarcastic behavior.

Make sense?

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""The truly intelligent man has more questions than he will ever have answers.""
 48yrs • M •
Necrology is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
Other examples...

The court of law. How much sarcasm is tolerated in court? Some questioning that has a sarcastic edge to it will be allowed as long as it is treading the line of objectivity. If it doesn't, it will be objected to and stricken as inflamatory. Yes it's true. In the court of law they are looking for an objective respectful line of questioning without any non-value-added banter.

Political debate. Sarcasm plays a part to an extent. However, if you listen to the way it's used, it's never personally insulting. It may sound sarcastic, but the statements that are being made are of an objective nature and completely on topic. If it deviates, the moderator will end the discussion at that point.

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""The truly intelligent man has more questions than he will ever have answers.""
 48yrs • M •
Necrology is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
Hmmmm something else to consider....

Self Security

I realize there are dependencies and many many varying degrees, but try to consider each case. It's interesting to think about...

If I'm self-secure but not real intelligent or confident: I think I would probably keep to myself, listening to other conversations, but not really getting involved. I wouldn't take any offense to the things being said in a converstaion between other people and maybe pick-up a tidbit of knowledge here and there. I would be socially passive, however, I would share with a close friend in a one on one situation.

If I'm (over)confident but not real intelligent or secure: I think I would be socially agressive illiciting emotional responses in many of the people I talk to. I would take offense to many things b/c I don't understand everything that is being said and voice my abrasive opinions constantly without regard to others' viewpoints. I would probably use sarcasm to attempt to maintain a facade in front of others that I am intellectually superior, but it kills me to know that I am not - consciously or subconsiously.

If I'm intelligent but not secure or confident: Again, socially passive. Silently I'm absorbing everything that is being said around me and evaluating it for potentially new information to broaden my intellect. I won't openly share by thoughts for fear someone may attempt to invalidate me and my thoughts as it is possible that I MAY be wrong, but I know that I'm smart and that's good enough for me. One on one would be the most comfortable environment for me to share with a close friend.

If I'm Intelligent and confident but not so secure: I would voice my valid opinions but may tend to take offense to some things. I may engage in sarcasm as I'm insecure and I'd do it in order to exert intellectual dominance. Some converstaions may get heated as I would be confident in sharing my thoughts, but ever vigilant in reinforcing that my thoughts are truly the highest priority for the sake of self reassurance. I would use sarcasm quite a bit (personal variety) to exude my righteous intellect!

If I'm intelligent and secure but not so confident: I'd be somewhat socially passive. I wouldn't often get involved in debates, but when I do, I would be adamant that what I believe is correct. I wouldn't offer much supporting information to reinforce my position, rather I simply share and then I'm done. I may use some sarcasm, but it would be limited to the objective variety bringing in other parallel topics for comparison without much explanation of how or why I did so.

If I'm secure and confident but not that intelligent: I am comfortable with who I am. I'm socially passive. I know I'm not that sharp, and am pretty open minded. I have difficulty grasping other peoples points at times, but will listen to others with some rebuttal in order to possibly learn more. I rarly would engage in sarcastic behavior. If I learn something from the conversation, great, if not, that's fine too. I don't feel the need to force my beliefs or thoughts on others but will share what I think, and I don't care if someone thinks they are socially superior to me.

If I am all three: I freely exchange thoughts with anyone so inclined. I apprecate all that they have to say and will share all that I believe. I understand that the other six combinations of people are out there and I may be talking to one of them - I modify the manner in which I'm commnicating with someone based on my assessment of their comfort zones and emotional state. I stick to objective sarcasm (RE the topic or related topics) in the interest of humor and/or wit. All my interpersonal exchanges are finished leaving the other party in good spirits. ((I personally actually strive to be this way!))

Please share, I'm sure there's things I've missed!

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""The truly intelligent man has more questions than he will ever have answers.""
Why must intelligent people be so sarcastic? - Page 5
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