Attempting to be a non-conformist is the ultimate conformity. - Dynomite
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THREAD Society & SociologyCapitalism and war exits because of females.(Male domination theory)
4 Posts • 2384 Views
Psychology Forum
Capitalism and War exits because of females.(Male domination theory) (The topic of interest will come up) Growing up was a very slow intellectual process for me. Especially when it came to the...
THREAD Mental IllnessBorderline Personality Disorder Advice
10 Posts • 2270 Views
Psychology Forum
Some Kinda Cyan, I empathize with your position, since my first manic epidode I have been to about ten plus mental hospitals, while studying psychology and philosophy. Being in hospitals allowed m...
THREAD Dawn's Greeting
9 Posts • 2685 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I'm going to post a few chapters of my book 'Dawn's Greeting' as a response to the thread on Indigo Children. Any comments most welcome. Children of the Dawn Father Time in...
THREAD Science vs ReligionCreation or Evolution?
67 Posts • 14816 Views
Religion Forum
What Hitler stated as reasons for doing what he did is by no means in accordance with Christs teachings! Petesmith: And that is one reason, why Christianity, can and has been fraudulent. I think,...
THREAD Dawn's Greeting
9 Posts • 2685 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
CHAPTER THREE Sharra and Darrow sat close in the pod and took it in turns to shift space and time, using their gift to its limit to reach the time distortion that Kelly was creating, before she di...
THREAD Science vs ReligionDid Darwin Dethrone God?
29 Posts • 6013 Views
Religion Forum
How-Evolution-Flunked-the-Scie nce-Test 1. Spontaneous Generation How does the evolutionist explain the existence of that first one-celled animal from which all life forms supposedly evolved? For m...
THREAD Life & DeathLife: Is it now? Is it then? Is it to come?
7 Posts • 2992 Views
Philosophy Forum
The Word In the beginning was the word and the word was with Jah and the word was Jah. V The Bible There are two major things we need to notice here that seems to be so open but yet slip...
THREAD StoriesPostcards from Purgatory
1 Posts • 2216 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
1st Postcard Kiss it all goodbye; remnants of childhood imaginings evaporating off crumpled pillowcases and vibrant dream worlds overshadowed by monochromatic reality. There was a boy back there;...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsOn the justification of being and non-being
1 Posts • 2172 Views
Philosophy Forum
"Values are intangibles. They are, in the final analysis, things of the mind that have to do with the vision people have of "the good life" for themselves and their fellows." (Nich...
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